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New York Islander Fan Central | 10/20/2009 04:32:00 PM |
*Someone's going to have to explain to me how Charles Wang and the New York Islanders ever have to say anything much less be bullied into statements?

We have teams in this market who built stadiums who rarely said a word that got plenty of tax payer exemptions. We have a football stadium opening in New Jersey where the two owners rarely speak about it if at all.

Charles Wang and the LH did not respond for seventeen hours to some rumors last week and you expect Mr Wang, Mr Rechler or the folks employed by them to respond, as if they owe us an explanation?

Nonsense, get over it.

This smells like the NHL injury policy last year, only the Islanders will get ripped relentlessly for not serving updates like fast food or reality television when everyone demands it. It's a lack of respect and a media double-standard for the New York Islanders few teams have to deal with.

For the lack of game coverage our team receives the media is not entitled to anything.

As for us hockey fans, we get to see the game, listen to the coach and unlike many NHL teams hear from the general manager more than most.

Far too many media folks and fans who seem to feel they you are entitled to something more from the New York Islanders beyond the hockey game.

You are entitled to what Mr Wang or Mr Rechler or the people who work for them want to tell us, if they do not wish to speak you are entitled to absolutely nothing.

We have owners in this town who do not speak for years.

That is the policy I hope Mr Wang-Rechler and all his associates go with from this point forward.
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