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Newsday: Katie Strang had general manager Garth Snow's comments Sunday night about his team's poor start.

NYIFC Comments:
Cliche/stock answers by the general manager about the sixty minute game and needing more secondary scoring. Ms Strang needed to ask the gm the tough questions about his head coach and his job status, even if he did not care to comment.

Daily News: Queens reps make it clear they want the Islanders but will not become part of the political football game for Wang to use against Nassau.

NYIFC Comments:
Good for Queens County, but it is part of the game. What they require is Wang saying he is willing to move the Islanders to Queens or he is willing to sell to someone who wants to own the team there and to date Wang is not going to make any such comment.

Personally Mr Wang should never speak again regardless of what anyone writes until he receives a yes or a no. Wang is also partnered with Scott Rechler and both own the Marroit hotel.

Quick Hits:

* Can Dan Martin for his four paragraphs produce anything more miserable? I remember two years ago him making an issue out of a 15,000 plus crowd on kids day and Mr Botta explaining that a bus with some kids did not arrive. For that limited space, write about the game please or hype up the young stars like it's the PSAL beat?

We do have John Tavares in the New York market.

* Leave it to Newsday and especially an article with Jim Baumbach's name associated with it that the Islanders may have to alter their territorial agreement with the Rangers to play in Queens despite the Devils paying the Islanders when they opened a franchise here and even had to pay the Islanders television rights fees as late as 1992 according to the NY Times here.

Years of updates/articles on the Islanders perhaps someday moving to Queens or Brooklyn and not one single time did their staff look into the Islanders true territorial rights? Or did Cablevision owned Newsday finally send out their own message last night.

* Sorry folks, to me the Scott Gordon watch should now be on and if Mr Wang is thinking as a hockey owner the general manager has to come under the same spotlight also.

This team played a home game against Carolina a year ago at home, took sixty shots and lost.

The breaks between games come to an end starting Wednesday, there is no more hiding from having to win some games. San Jose, Los Angeles, Ottawa, Buffalo, Boston or Pittsburgh hardly played a sixty minute game against the Islanders.

* Comeau is not a right wing, neither is Sim and you don't resign Doug Weight to play a position he has not played since he was eight years old much less talk about him being valuable to another team. On top of that Gordon's job should be based on his ability to make the younger players better and I will not blame Gordon for Bailey because he's too young to demand production but I can blame Gordon for Comeau playing his off-wing or asking Bergenhiem to switch.

I see nothing in terms of improvement from a Comeau, Bergenheim and Tambellini sitting in the stands or in the wrong position so Jackman, Rechlicz, Thompson, Weight and Richard Park can eat minutes and provide virtually nothing.

And this is with Hunter, Nielsen out.

Moulson has been good, for a career minor league player is it the coach or the talent around him? Right wing Kyle Okposo actually staying on the right side for a full shift these days is a shock and raises questions.

What is Rob Schremp going to do with bangers and grinders like Sim and Weight on his wings besides take some outside shots because neither one can create a skilled play with him?

The coaches comments also contradict his in-game strategy as enforcers who cannot fight sit on the bench or frankly at their best are only capable of playing an even shift. I guess Roloson was not allowed to finish what he started.

Scott Gordon says " the hard part is realizing we're not going to be an explosive offensive team " ? Call up a Joensuu, Smith or dress a Tambellini. Ask your boss to get a natural right wing in here and make a trade or put someone on waivers.

Let's see the team that blew out the Devils with seven goals and played well in the second half for stretches last year and shut down the Park-Sim-Weight-Jackman-Thompson-Rechlicz show that cannot and will not produce at even strength.

They sure scored like an explosive offensive team against the Devils that day and those were all high quality chances where they created skilled chances and had Brodeur moving in his crease. Jonathan Quick could have sat in a chair a week ago for all the times he had to move from post to post in that game.

Doug Weight has Comeau's spot or Tambellini's spot. When Nielsen returns who losses their spot?

Sorry folks, it's not last year, the defense has stayed healthy for the first six which is news in itself, the shots against were fourth fewest a few days ago. I will not put the rust and mistakes from them on the head coach.

Time for the gm/coach to be accountable. This was the short version of my questions about this coach's ability to coach at this level.

If I'm general manager I have to ask my owner if he will allow me to make another change at coach and contact Peter Laviolette. If I'm the owner the general manager's status is in question for making me pay another coach to not work.

They need a scoring right wing to play between Okposo and Hunter, they need everyone in their natural positions and they need to discard everyone else.

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