Election Results not good for LH/Islanders

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/03/2009 10:56:00 PM |
Consider this our only political blog entry ever.

Seems like a terrible night for the Lighthouse.

Nassau County website is updating all races here with Kate Murray winning huge (projected winner) and Tom Suozzi at this time trailing the Republican Edward P Mangano for county executive by the slightest of margins. I'm not sure how TOH board works but it seems the Republicans will easily maintain their majority there and have gained in Nassau Legislature to a point the Democrats could lose their majority.

What this means for Suozzi's negotiated lease with Wang-Rechler remains to be seen but if at some point his lease is not approved in an eventual vote Wang would be out of his Islander lease immediately.

It should be noted Mr Mangano is advertised as pro Lighthouse if he does win.

Final Update Regardless 12:00AM:

Suozzi-Mangano is a statistical dead-heat at this time but Suozzi cut 3,000 vote deficit to take slight lead. Fox News projects Al Gore the winner in Nassau.

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