Next Hurdle: Nine of Ten on the Road for NY

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/04/2009 10:34:00 AM |
Ok, the New York Islanders saved their season for now, won four games in a row they had to have.

What a difference seven days, four wins and eight points can make.

Unlike last year for the most part they have stayed surprisingly healthy, especially on the backline, even with a lot of players struggling to balance out the scoring.

Still they wake up fifth in the Atlantic on 11/4 but in a playoff spot with nine of the next ten on the road, with little room for anything but piling up points and maintaining a streak where they at the very least get games to overtime.

Now we see if they can win on the road, there is no hiding in this league if you cannot win games in other teams buildings. Look at the Devils road record who New York will visit Friday.

Welcome to the next hurdle, the 09-10 New York Islanders survived the first hurdle.

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