Chris Botta's Point Blank Out at NYIFC

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/08/2010 04:07:00 PM |
Everyone has a choice to make and I have made mine to no longer carry or discuss Chris Botta's Point Blank at NYIFC nor will our twitter feed note his contribution.

Bottom line Mr Botta should write what he wants. I am not into the sensationalism game or what can be done to create buzz or page views and frankly it's not my business.

If Mr Botta has issues with the Islanders that is also not for me to speculate on.

All I do know is Mr Botta's message this season has rarely been about our fans getting to know our players or provide game-team information (his efforts for Pat Lafontaine, Okposo/MacDonald interviews the rare exception) nor does he seem to respect our teams right to hold information as other teams do whether it be league policy on injuries, the LightHouse and he seems to contradict himself from other entries far too often.

Again, that is his choice and he's entitled to write whatever he wants.

In the past I would point out what I felt were mistakes on his part like claiming x Lighthouse gathering was the biggest day in nine years or telling us to ignore x writing ripping on our team, then he would go at another writer himself for something he considered unfair.

Could my viewpoints here be wrong? Absolutely, however it's how I see things and it's something I can no longer ignore or subject NYIFC readers to.

Having written this the New York Islanders are not a circus nor can I continue to endorse a message on my sidebars that I feel operates under that premise. It's not what our proud team is about or what writing about it should represent.

I wish Mr Botta the best and hope for his readers he get's back to what made his blog special, less was always so much more as was his wonderful efforts for Brandon Sugden. Mr Botta never needed to become Larry Brooks because his message was always superior to Mr Brooks sensationalism based journalism.

As for NYIFC readers (mostly via twitter) when the puck drops we will know who dresses and it's very easy to figure out who has been recalled or demoted, when trades or waivers happen as always my policy is dead-last and a hundred precent correct. We can live with features on our players which have been very good and not packed with fluff like we saw on Tavares scoring struggles.

This is my choice for NYIFC.

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