Charles Wang's Interview & Time to Stop Being Outside The Box

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I receive some e-mails from time to time that I spend too many entries defending the team and the owner, in NYIFC entries/twitter updates.

I usually respond that I only correct things that are not factual based on the teams record or how they have played, or what they have been quoted as having said, or articles outright unfair.

Until this past season, the New York Islanders qualified for the playoffs every single year under this owner with the exception of his first season, unless they had the most man games lost to injury which happened, in 05-06, 07-08, 08-09 by huge margins.

It's not a widely discussed stat in NHL media circles.

Their record against top teams in east last season, and third best record against the west speaks for itself this team can win.

If as a fan you are trapped in the mid-90's, it's 2010-11 season, all those players have zero Stanley Cups to this day and have moved on several times, hopefully you can finally do the same.

Having written this Charles Wang's interview on Islanders website where he offered advice and inspiration, had some excellent items where he opens up about his family and his vision.

These are part of the comments, out of context:
" What I’ve learned, I’ve learned that there’s a very steep learning curve, Ultimately I don’t know enough about hockey, I leave that to Garth; marketing, operations, they’re all experts, but they know my values. They know we’re honest. We say what it is. We can disagree, but when we leave a room, we come to a conclusion and then we’re all behind it.”

NYIFC Comments:
Mr Wang can say whatever he wants, and of course I respect his passion, but there is nothing outside the box about what his general manager is currently doing that's different from most of the other twenty nine teams.

If he believes that his gm is doing something different, obviously he has a lot more to learn.

His employees have also done a ton of self-inflicted damage with the Long Island campaign, giving newspaper editors every excuse possible to not spend their money to advertise or report on a New York team that is far more New York, than the two New Jersey football teams.

The Long Island label for the LH is one thing, the hockey team is New York, and needs to conduct itself in that manner.

Charles Wang's money brought a lot of people into this organization, his employees have also decided to let many of them go. Only he knows his part in this or how it was handled internally, or if they were treated the way he would want to be treated, but I cannot recall many releases thanking anyone who left aside from Michael Peca.

There was no acknowledgment when Jason Blake was diagnosed with his illness, yet during the finals we see updates on Aaron Asham and Brent Sopel?

My point is things must be consistent, which his employees/interns/media relations coordinators/whoever have to understand.

This teams releases from employees/interns/fan blogs on the Islanders website have been inconsistent, and at times come off like old x-ice before this ownership.

There was no website release of Virtual Signage 4/5 on the teams website, but now we get food releases or how ice is made as features?

I'm not putting that on Charles Wang, because I don't know who's makes that decision internally, but this is his team and these things all reflect on his organization and influence fan perception.

What I do suggest is this team create a separate place for these kinds of announcements whether it be Isles entertainment or otherwise, and keep the hockey site about hockey.

As for claims this owner will not spend money, several media and agents have reported on Garth Snow's efforts to sign free agents for market value or above.

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