Time for Nassau-TOH Taxpayers To Pay For New Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/12/2010 09:27:00 PM |
Not much to write about today's events, exactly what I expected for months.

No more hiding for Nassau-TOH residents, the New York Islanders are a public trust and need a new facility, it has to be made self-sustaining as a hockey franchise to stay in business without a corporate ownership willing to lose money, as others do.

It's time Nassau-TOH pay up like everyone else has had to do in the NY area, for a new Nassau Coliseum.

Float some taxpayer bonds as Charles Wang suggested long ago, give out some tax exemptions, whatever it takes.

It has never been Charles Wang and Scott Rechler's civic duty as developers to renovate Nassau County's Coliseum, unless they are presented with something that makes some economic sense for them to do so in the long-run.

Kate Murray/TOH made it clear by her own words today the financial aspect is not her problem.

Where I sit she just made it everyone's problem.

Either she is very naive big-business wise, or the plan is to force the other side to be the one to reject the project.

My thoughts on Mr Mangano have changed little since entry below, only he knows where he really stands with Wang and or Rechler as he meets with Al D'Amato, who is no fan of Charles Wang or the LH.

Mangano seems to make his own rules.

Without TOH approval there is no LH and no MOU that must include Scott Rechler.

Mangano can work on something (Casino) with Wang and/or Rechler but it is completely outside MOU/TOH approval with no guidelines, a Casino leaves TOH on the sidelines entirely, but who knows where that leaves the Coliseum or the New York Islanders?

We have no idea what real interest Shinnecock Nation has in Nassau Coliseum site, or how much revenue they would want or can afford from a joint endeavor of some sort.

The Coliseum site comes with a mountain of political baggage over twenty years, and talk of a Casino already has met heavy criticism, that is more than justified.

Aside from that the continued silence from Charles Wang and/or Scott Rechler is golden, hopefully they continue to work along those lines.

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