New York Will Ice Veterans In Saskatoon vs Calgary on 9/29

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Montreal Gazette: Cory Wolfe has comments from General Mangager Garth Snow, on veteran lineup that will represent New York in Saskatoon, against the Calgary Flames on 9/29 at Credit Union Center, along with Rick DiPietro's progress to date.

Comments from the General Manager:
On the game in Saskatoon on 9/29:
“We consider our game in Saskatoon a home game and we’re going to put on a good show for the fans.”

“We were always going to play one of our home games in Saskatoon, just because of the positive experience that we had there last year.”

“With the way we were embraced in the community, I’d like to think that we won over some fans in Saskatoon because I know we’re big fans of going back there.”

On Goaltender Rick DiPietro:
“He’s been doing great, He’s been skating with a bunch of our players who have come here early either to train or get their kids in school. He has looked really sharp.”

“He can just go out and play and not have any physical issues.”
“To say that he’s excited would be an understatement.”

NYIFC Comments:
What's notable here is the Saskatoon/Calgary game, although scheduled long ago as part of the canceled China trip, is a split squad contest, with the Islanders also playing in Philadelphia the same night.

The other split-squad contest is in Quebec on 10/2, with the Coliseum exhibition against New Jersey where historically the majority of the opening night lineup participates.

Sure, the gm could be selling the Saskatoon game a bit to help lagging ticket sales for a one-day event, which is far different than a full camp a year ago.

We'll see who participates when 9/29 comes along, one group will make a much shorter trip.

As for Rick DiPietro on 2/25 he told the NY Daily News his leg/body felt good.

Three days later his knee issues resurfaced in practice that sidelined him for the remainder of the season.

Snow's comments on this (even DiPietro's) are good news, but until DiPietro can stay healthy in the long-term, it means nothing.

Ak Bars Official Website: Translated to English will give you up to date team announcements/play of Kirill Petrov, no sources required.

Twitter updates today have article/analysis on Sporting News, Islander preview by Flyer centric-writer, Chuck Gormley.

Mr Gormley writes the Islanders got what they paid for in free agency, and mostly discusses how the club did not keep up with it's Atlantic counter-parts, despite New York finishing only fourteen goals behind the Flyers a year ago. He also did not bother noting his fellow Sporting News writer, Craig Custance entry on Islander/ Kovalchuk negotiations just days ago, where agent Jay Grossman's comments contradict him entirely, but still wrote New York made a lucrative offer to Kovalchuk in the $100 million range.

According to Kovalchuk's agent, Jay Grossman, no such offer was ever made.

Beyond that a lot of old, stock quotes.

Mr Gormley was correct on one thing, Islander fans got what they paid for, a free article so sloppy/lazy he still owes us a refund.

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