NYIFC EXCLUSIVE: Agent Refutes Chris Botta Words Of A Staged Story On Paul Martin Negotiations

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As some may have noted the Islanders former VP of media relations on AOL FanHouse, Saturday wrote in a team preview General Manager Garth Snow's efforts to sign Paul Martin, or placing a call to Ilya Kovalchuk's agent employed the words "staged stories."

I linked to this here, so you could read it in full context.

Jay Grossman, who represents Ilya Kovalchuk in North America, did an interview with Craig Custance, was quoted directly on Islander related negotiations in the Sporting News. NYIFC did an entry on this last week with commentary.

Mr Grossman was contacted requesting an updated comment/reaction, if one is received it will be posted here.

Paul Martin's agent, Ben Hankinson of Octagon Hockey comments on negotiations were widely reported this summer CBC Sports.ca

I forwarded the AOL article in context (with link) to Mr Hankinson, requesting a response, he replied 9/14 with the following:
As I stated before Garth Snow was very aggressive in pursuing unrestricted free agent Paul Martin on July 1, 2010. Garth called my office more than any other NHL GM. Garth directly spoke to Paul on the phone and also had Doug Weight call and speak with Paul. Garth offered more money than any other team. It was not staged. I certainly did not have time on July 1 to waste. I did express our (Paul’s) concerns about playing in an older building when Garth replied “Paul would be sitting on the (bleeping) players bench, not in the stands.” It was not a staged story.

NYIFC Comments:
My Thanks to Ben Hankinson of Octagon Hockey.

It was not a staged story, why use those words?

Sorry folks, NYIFC does not like wasting our time lowering our standard here, but when a former team employee uses such words, it's time to find out what we can.

For those e-mailing why Point Blank was dropped from NYIFC earlier this year, I submit there will be no change in policy here for the reasons given in February which through commentary like this only confirm the decision was the correct one.

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