Campbell's Officials Creating More Problems/Injuries

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I know Colin Campbell is an easy target, however he makes himself one.

This man is the NHL's executive vice president of hockey operations and supervisor of officials, he has no clue of anything besides the calendar or standards no one can follow regarding officiating/league decisions.

I don't have a clue what's going to be decided.

Sun Sentinel: Colin Campbell here is too busy cracking jokes beyond admitting a mistake that cost a team a game and could have cost Florida it's goaltender due to injury after Orr ran the Panther net-minder.

Meanwhile Konopka was taking the puck at the net last week and was given an interference penalty?

No folks, this is not about the scoreboard or watching hockey through blue and orange glasses, it's about getting calls correct/consistent regardless of laundry.

It's about a five minute penalty and ejection to Trent Hunter for a shoulder on shoulder check that helped put away an Islander team that was playing poorly already, it's about setting up a five on three for Philadelphia by giving Trevor Gillies three minor penalties, which I have never seen in thirty plus years watching hockey for a few pushes and a swipe.

Hunter's penalty should absolutely be overturned.

Meanwhile the officials leave Dan Carcillo in the game after his two fights with Konopka (who was ejected) and after that he get's into it with Gillies and he's left in again so things could escalate in a 6-1 game?

Where is the common sense from the officiating there? Nielsen was jawing at Briere, and got a ten minute penalty?

So now we see if the NHL conference call for Briere Monday TSN results in a suspension that we can only guess at because it's October and not April?

For those scoring at home (not Campbell) Briere was suspended for two games in 2009 for head-hunting Scott Hannan of Colorado.

Are we supposed to be happy Nielsen was not seriously injured again? Is an intentional chop to his head decided based upon it being 10/30 or dismissed because it's just a part of hockey on this day but not when Pock or Brendan Witt hits a player?

These things all occurred last night because poor officiating led to them happening.

You eject Carcillo, Knopka, Gillies and keep things close to even strength.

Meanwhile the Islanders were being handed bench minors and somehow Roloson's name appeared in the box-score for serving a penalty to DiPietro?

As for DiPietro he let in a very soft second goal, he was the victim of a bad bounce off end boards on first goal, and some terrible coverage/Flyers pp on the others. He displayed a ton of guts to stand up for his teammates, and was lucky Pronger did not engage him. The fungo act has to stop, along with the clearing attempts up middle.

Having written this goaltending was not even close to the reason the team got blown out on the ice or started that game with absolutely no jump again. DiPietro did not have an easy third period, yet stopped everything.

I will say this for Butch Goring, he's a former NHL head coach and either read NYIFC or does not understand what Scott Gordon is doing either because one minute into live coverage he's wondering why Bailey and Comeau are being moved around this much between center and wing?

He was dead right, it's hard enough to play at this level without that. After the start both had they should have been put right back together and left together.

27th in even strength goals after eleven games is not going to get it done, if the powerplay falls off as expected it could be a very rough ride unless these problems get solved right now.

Not the same team defense without Andrew MacDonald, the breakdowns and mistakes along the walls led to some goals that go beyond netminder.

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