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"If you look at the replay, it's clearly not a crosscheck which is two hands moving forward. It's a push with one hand. The mistake I made is my stick was up there. Is it worth three games for that? I don't think so.

"And on top of that, I missed him. I didn't even get him ... My glove grazed the top of his helmet, not my stick."

No shock, Colin Campbell decided Daniel Briere's second suspension for head-hunting only carries a three game suspension which appears to have been decided based on schedule. Somehow a second suspension (not including his 2006 suspension) for head hunting does not even merit the five games Thomas Pock received with no prior history.

Briere has his own logic, where he thought at best he would receive a game here and is shocked at the decision.

"I made a mistake, my stick was up. I'm the first one to admit that it shouldn't have been there,'' Briere said. "After what happened with Trevor Gillies on Coburn, I said, 'I got to protect myself,' and if you see the faceoff before, he gets me in a headlock and punches me behind the head.''

NYIFC Comments:
So in Briere's world, he needed to protect himself from Frans Nielsen with a five on three man advantage, that included only Mark Eaton and Radek Martinek on the ice while Trevor Gillies was already out of the game? Also Carcillo, needed to hit Nielsen from behind because Briere needed even more help?

About as big a mismatch as the Cablevision's invisible Islander media vs the Comcast Flyer media, in a game of who controls the spin which obviously influences fan viewpoints which Campbell likely uses because player record obviously do not play into this.

If Pock received five game with no record, Briere as a repeat offender for intentional head-hunting must receive ten games, not three. You don't intentionally raise your stick towards anyone's head. PERIOD.

Comical, as usual. If New York did not play Philadelphia Saturday, it likely would have been less games.

No folks, not a word on Trent Hunter's penalty being rescinded by the league, we don't have Pittsburgh media either to lobby for any action.

-Apparently, Rob Schremp is healthy per the Islanders website here.

NYIFC Comments:
Obviously Josh Bailey will not be used in his natural position if he's being moved off center for Doug Weight, who is not going to score at even strength. Only the coach knows what's ahead for Schremp in terms of position but did say last year he must play center.

Jon Sim was placed on waivers here.

NYIFC Comments:
With Schremp and Grabner returning, someone had to go. Matt Martin may or may not be following him to Bridgeport, but Sim on a two-way contract had to standout to remain.

On a two-way contract this year (unlike past) there is a fair chance sim could be claimed to play for another organization at the NHL/AHL level because he is a hard-working player who is good for an organization, and was a huge part of Bridgeport making the playoffs a few years ago. Andy Hilbert has yet to play due to injury so a veteran is needed in Bridgeport.

It seems this club needs a steady fourth line, too many nights it's been three lines and a mix, as Trevor Gillies barely sees the ice. The breaks in Nov schedule indicate Gordon has the luxury this month of going with three lines/mixing.

The hitting Matt Martin brought against the Canadians is an element lacking on this roster.

Would it be a day without another player injury? Milan Jurcina out 2-4 weeks.

First things first, some even strength scoring and a sixty minute game in Carolina.

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