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Today's blog entry simply as the question, how dare they do this to us?

Charles Wang:
How dare this man raise ticket prices to pay to offset his massive losses running this franchise (not only the last decade) but gave us ticket prices only four dollars above the league average which took a nineteen percent increase to go that high since last year.

Note-Despite countless discounted tickets offered for most games/loud-ville/whatever.

How dare Wang (with or without Scott Rechler) paid seventeen million dollars to get back some of his revenue in the Smg lease, which was only given so if a renovation did happen, Smg would have a guaranteed income with the building closed in the summer, which some selectively seem to think Wang (and or Rechler) got as a gift?

How dare Wang say he is going to honor that lease until 2015 he can now get out of with Nassau approval.

How dare Charles Wang put up his own money to renovate parts of a building he does not own, with no agreement from Nassau County/TOH on anything, not only last summer, but over the last decade, with new scoreboards, the first local facility to have wrap-around boards, and redo glass/boards, despite the 17-19m Wang-Rechler invested in the LH preparation.

How dare Charles Wang allow his general manager to offer the most money for Paul Martin, and perhaps other free agents, or add Wisniewski's contract. How dare Charles Wang put out money for Mike Mottau's contract when he could have simply let Dylan Reese play here.

How dare Charles Wang only speak at the beginning of the season, and not talk to us when James Dolan did not speak for three years while Cablevision's laughingstock franchises on the ice matched the Islanders, and on the court set standards for poor performance.

The true judgment of Wang's future commitment will come based upon how he pays the players who are part of Garth Snow's long-term plan.

Until we get that answer, how dare some peripheral media who don't cover this team daily because their editors are too cheap to do anything but write bi-yearly articles slamming Wang and not cover the games claim anything about his commitment.

Garth Snow:
How dare this gm after years of leading the NHL in man games lost to injury have the conviction to make a plan and stick to it, despite another year where injuries have hurt this roster, which few will mention.

How dare Garth Snow make the anti Milbury like decision last summer to continue with Blake Comeau, Frans Nielsen, Trent Hunter, or qualify Rob Schremp after his strong finish (while not qualifying Tambellini, Bergenheim) and instead not open Wang's checkbook to sign franchise (sarcasm) stars like Zherdev, Frolov, Jokinen, Tanguay, Satan, Fedotenko, Guerin, Torres, Nystrom or Comrie in an UFA class that was frankly terrible outside of Kovalchuk among forwards while offering the most to some UFA defenders per their agents.

How dare Snow not speak to the media every single week, when he engages everyone in the professional media several times a year, while Sather and other local general managers in this town are in witness protection for all the times they make themselves available to anyone.

How dare Snow to this point stick to his plan, which in the past did include trading former Milbury picks and could well go that way again.

You want to blame Snow for bringing back Doug Weight and not trading Trent Hunter, it's fair to ask, but other teams see what Hunter has failed to do, and if Weight was helping Tavares, Moulson, of course it's something you have to strongly consider.

All I ask of Snow is if you have something to say to the fans on ITV, don't waste our time Friday on generic items/stock answers about your job when your team is whatever points out of eighth place with Scott Gordon working along side of you, no longer behind the bench.

Jim Cerny:
Mr Cerny after formerly serving as a play-by-play voice of the Islanders long ago, now feels the damage done to the franchise is at a point where he suggests it should finally be the end. Never mind his employers franchise has one Stanley Cup since 1940, and is irrelevant themselves inside baseball's year round market, with their own padded attendance at Knick and Ranger games which has gone on for years.

How dare Cerny, who is currently employed by James Dolan, and would have been thrown out of Msg by their security if he wrote that about any of their teams, pile on as an employee of another NHL local team.

As I previously wrote the Rangers made same four playoffs as the New York Islanders the last decade, both scored the same 222 goals last season, with both missing the playoffs.

Both these teams were separated by three points when the played their final games last March, a little fact lost on the Cablevision/Msg employee.

The Knicks for a decade have been a flat out disgrace on every level, with Dolan's media having countless issues with publications, writers that continue today with their own paper behind a paywall. Wallace Matthews quit because he did not wish to work for Dolan, or put up with the sports editor Hank Winnicki/lead editor Debbie Kranck coverage standards, in a long list of people who have quit or been fired by Newsday.

How dare Jim Cerny not call out James Dolan's coverage of the New York Islanders, on his network, and in his publication which has badly hurt the franchise ability to market to the public on every possible level and contributed to driving down attendance. This is the network that ignored the teams first home camp in thirteen years, would not put a single preseason game on television (while spamming their own all over North America) and are so restrictive of competition, own the Devils tv rights, but would not air Kovalchuk's press conference.

A few years ago Msg pulled this teams pregame, withheld money from the Metro Ice Challenge in a dispute, and would not even allow live web-casted games during the preseason be released on the teams website until days afterward.

These are the standards some will claim is a partnership with the Islanders, Devils and Sabres (webcasted games/no radio last year also) when all it boils down to is restricting and limiting competition to control perception and media.

This is also the company that transferred Butch Goring's Msg contract to the Islanders broadcast booth while Msg saved money not resigning Billy Jaffe, and outside of two Pat Flately cameo's have not hired anyone to represent the Islanders on their studio show.

Nassau County/TOH did not give Charles Wang, John Pickett or any owner in between the Dolan's tax exemptions, free electricity for life that Msg received in 1981, which for many years covered the entire Msg payroll of the Rangers.

How dare Mr Cerny, an employee of another NHL team that regulates this teams television and newspaper coverage kick them when they are down like this or blindly ignore the media and coverage double-standards. The Devils are not getting hit like this in the Star-Ledger, the Leaf media, or Panther media does not pull this.

How dare Jim Cerny not call out his current boss, as he did Charles Wang on all these items.
Side Note: Cablevision is allowing the unwashed masses free access for a month to see the latest redesign.

NYIFC Comments:
Debbie Kranek designed the first failed model, and was promoted to editor for the design which met with nothing but criticism to be kind.

Are they trying to improve from the thirty five subscribers?

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