Garth Snow's Answer To My Heavily Edited Question Was Disappointing

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/07/2011 06:56:00 PM |

I submitted questions for Garth Snow's, GM Show, segment for Monday 2/7. One of my questions was read, in fact, it was the first answered.

Here was my e-mail. (second question not included)

Mr Snow,

Why is it the New York Islanders are holding themselves to a different media standard given 20+ teams not owned by corporations (in any kind of building) cannot sign marquee free agents either because they cannot offer front-loaded contracts which is what all top free agents require now? Is it more than fair to write the New York Islanders are not in a position to offer a front-loaded contract, while corporate Little Caesars Wings or Cablevision Rangers in a facilities that are frankly as outdated as the Nassau Coliseum or older only can make such signings because they are heavily front-loaded?

NYIFC Comments:
Sadly, it was edited to the point very little of what I asked was read to the general manager. I don't know if/how Mr King, Mr Snow or the Islanders p.r department edit these things in some manner.

No, I do not see Snow sitting there polishing up questions, if he read my complete question I did not expect him to discuss other franchises.

I guess Mr Snow told me the New York Islanders can offer a front-loaded contract as they apply different standards to each individual player. I gave the gm a chance to make it clear front-loaded contracts from corporate teams in buildings as old as the Coliseum can help make a huge difference in signings.

I get it that Wang-Snow have to push the arena issue to get a new facility and the Katz way in Edmonton (threats) is not going to help. Snow said the Coliseum was one factor a few years ago, media disregarded it was not the only factor he said, but Snow usually goes back to that issue often.

I felt I asked him an excellent question, too bad, he did not go for it and make a case front-loading in old buildings can bring free agents.

Too bad it was not read by Mr King as I wrote it or intended it to presented.

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