Quick Clarification On My E-Mail Question To The GM

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/08/2011 05:31:00 PM |

I would like to briefly clarify something in my e-mail to Garth Snow. Under no circumstances do I expect Mr Wang or Mr Snow to discuss other teams business, or start front-loading big contract offers to star free agents.

Anyone who read/reads NYIFC knows this.

If I wish to call other franchises by the corporations that own them, I feel that is my business to phrase it in my question as I choose.

Having written this my question was never intended to suggest the New York Islanders should start making front-loaded contract offers because that would completely unrealistic given the losses they have claimed. There are teams in brand new facilities, under corporate ownership unable/or to date, not willing to make such an offer to an unrestricted free agent.

Nor have I ever made the case, Mr Snow should be asking to spend more money on payroll.

The point I wanted to convey with my question was when a big front-loaded offer is made, the age of the facility does not matter as we see in outdated building like Msg or Joe Louis Arena.

It was not to suggest the New York Islanders should follow suit because Mr Wang does not own Cablevision or Little Caesar's. He is not Mr Snider from the Comcast Flyers that can front-loaded heavily. I have pointed out in the past Chicago could not do this without losing significant money here.

As I have written many times future judgment on Mr Wang in terms of spending will be in his ability to pay to keep the players that are crucial to Garth Snow's plans of building with prospects meaning resigning Tavares, Okposo, Bailey ect. His work on Nielsen, MacDonald, drafted prospects, Moulson, Hunter, Witt, Comeau, Bergenheim has been very impressive. Mottau, Eaton were also impressive signings in terms of finances at a time they could have gone with an inexpensive option in Dylan Reese or recalled a Kohn, Katic, Klementyev.

Instead resources were spent to protect the prospects and put the best possible team on the ice they could.

I have written enough on Paul Martin/other UFA offers made this summer per agent's side that this owner/gm are willing to spend.

Hope this clarifies.

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