Getting A Head Start Correcting Scott Cullen's Mistakes

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Somewhat of an unpleasant twitter exchange with Scott Cullen of, who is doing his yearly off-season game plans team by team once again.

I contacted him via twitter mostly wanting to know what date our fans can expect a game plan (last year was 5/4/10) but reminded him of 600+ man games lost to injury, and this being third of four years leading the NHL in this department.

Scott Cullen:
Man games lost to injury does not tell the story of the Islanders.

600+ man games lost starting with Streit, Okposo, Weight Hunter, MacDonald a significant part of story.

Scott Cullen:
Weight & Hunter not very significant. Season lost by the time MacDonald hurt. Streit matters, half season for Okposo too.

Season already lost by Oct 26th with NY 4-1-2 in first place when MacDonald broke his hand and was sidelined until Dec 2nd?

Scott Cullen:
Yep, that's obviously what I'm referring to. You write your Islanders articles; I'll write mine.

NYIFC Comments:
Perhaps Mr Cullen is still upset about all the mistakes he made in last season's entry where he misquoted the owner and general manger. NYIFC did a brief entry at the time and correctly titled that his work was sloppy and updated the entry when he made the necessary changes to reflect quotes that he put to the wrong people.

The reviews on the players a year ago were well done. Obviously Mr Cullen will not write the New York Islanders sign UFA but like twenty plus other franchises cannot offer front-loaded contracts required to land biggest names.'s Bob McKenzie is not willing to tell the Islanders story without a little media relations bias these days, perhaps this now extends to Mr Cullen?

For Mr Cullen to write a respected veteran Captain like Doug Weight, or a classy veteran like Trent Hunter are not very significant is not appropriate. In terms of 2010-11 in terms of roster Doug Weight opened the season on the PP and Trent Hunter has been considered a key player on this roster for years.

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