When Perception Ruins Reality: Wang's Payroll/Spending

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Yes, I know some of you could care less or it's not your problem, however some of our fans desperately need a reality check on your perception of this owner and the New York Islanders as a franchise.

No, not from the Canadian/Dolan/Rupert Murdoch/media influencing many of you.

No, not even from this blog, but simply from the facts.

Far too many base it upon a steady diet of overtly negative coverage that is not fair or reality based. Our team is covered by a Fox News/Msnbc-like media with the New York Islanders always being the other party.

I also absolutely understand our teams fans use the Yankee/Met/New Jersey Football/Cablevision/Prudential Center Devils, template for our local teams spending on payroll and that many will gauge team perception on payroll vs low ticket prices.

The Mets can spend 140m on payroll and for some that is not considered trying.

You expect the same from this owner or your perception (usually enhanced by outside media fueling you) is that this ownership does not care or is not trying.


Reality is those franchises received taxpayer exepmtions or parts of their new facilities were paid for by the public with bonds or infrastructure/internal things like low-cost electricity.

I have posted enough links to those articles here.

Charles Wang has received none of those things. Wang and/or Rechler spent seventeen million dollars so Smg would give them Islanders full ticket revenue/concessions/parking along with other event revenue. Some actually believe that was some free gift Tom Suozzi gave them as departing county executive?

The seventeen million was Smg's gift in case the facility was closed during the summer and a renovation actually happened because that was revenue Smg would have lost. Wang-Rechler for their trouble lost close to another 20m putting together the LH project between studies/presentations.

As for Charles Wang's Islander payrolls you can dispute over the years how he spent his money on the wrong long-term contracts, but he did spend and proved he's not Howard Milstein, or John Pickett post 1990 so get over it until he tells Garth Snow to sell off John Tavares to cut payroll.

Wang's Perception:
A lot of what I read is frankly disgraceful. Anyone who tells you they know what Charles Wang does internally regarding his day to day role as owner of this franchise is lying to you.

Find me one former player in the last ten years who has played here, left this franchise and knocked this ownership in one newspaper?

Wang cannot sign star free agents? Neither can twenty plus other non-corporate franchises without a front-loaded contract regardless of what the building looks like. The Montreal Canadians are the most popular team in the NHL, what star players have signed to play there or have they offered a front-loaded contract to?

The next star free agent who signs anywhere without a front-loaded deal will be the first. Paul Martin is not a star free agent.

As for Charles Wang we'll see what he does when it's time to pay Tavares, Okposo, Bailey and the key players out of Garth Snow's top prospects. Many were brought to the NHL early which will cost the owner more money because they will reach UFA earlier.

Over the years what top prospects have not been signed because of salary?

Bottom line you create your own perception.

Hopefully you are guided by facts, not media with an agenda or folks who don't follow the team but check in to play expert for a day. Most are largely more interested in writing anything to get you to notice their articles to build page-views or their profile.

Yes, I understand some of you could care less how much money a millionaire can lose or it's not your problem, just lose more money, give me 1981 ticket prices, or don't waste my time.

For those who feel that way you can stop reading now.
Old News:
The viewpoint of NYIFC should not influence you.

Having written that how many links to articles from credible media (not sideshows or guesswork like Michael Ozanian/Forbes or shock jocks in Toronto) have been posted here directly with quotes from team owners/management in modern buildings who claim they are losing money?

That should influence you.

This blog has produced links (see archives) from Chicago ownership on losing money after winning the cup last season, on the Caps receiving revenue sharing and losing money and the Devils losses in an arena Newark largely paid for.

The Cablevision Ranger losses have been well-documented in our archives also with a large majority of the franchises.

The Minnesota Wild are even losing money now here according to their ownership.

Glendale paid it's twenty five million to the league, the NHL (not Forbes/Ozanian) claim the franchise lost close to thirty six million at that modern facility or what the BlackHawks were losing.

So how can the most ardent Wang critic begin to make any credible case his team is self-sustaining in it's current situation?

Fair Criticism Of Wang:
Sure there are fair and reasonable things to be critical of regarding Wang's ownership. I can make a longer list (and will here) but always get stuck on this issue.

The Long Island label spammed into practically every release for a New York franchise has been Wang or his supports managers biggest mistake. Perhaps it was the Lighthouse or Arena issue to rally local support but it's a mistake that has limited perception and coverage of a franchise as much New York/New York City as the Yankees.

It's given media an excuse to save budget money and cut coverage.

It's like the Giants and Jets demanding to be called East Rutherford and putting it in every team release.

Spare me on who Wang decides calls his teams games, that's all Dolan/Cablevision/Msg/Newsday. You really want Wang or Michael Picker to fight that one?

That will result in Wang's Islanders hidden on Msg+2 for 82 games or some out allows Dolan to take team off television again entirely. Good luck buying ad space in Dolan's paper to advertise games also after you do that.
Likely Montoya (nope) vs Tavares at WC Friday. Nabokov left last game with an injury for Russia. Anders Nilsson is Sweden's third goaltender for those curious and Jesse Joensuu to date has not played in one game.

Casey Cizikas is in the running for the OHL Most Outstanding Player Award here as Majors lead their finals series.

Cizikas has to be signed by 6/1 or he can re-enter draft.

Nino Niederreiter has been dominating as Portland opens Western Hockey League championship series tonight.

"It must be remembered that the Islanders had a terrible sequence of defeats at some point (14 games without a win), However, the team was never decommissioned, she was often lost by the margin of a goal.

"I often found myself on the ice in the final minute of play with the Islanders, and I was on the ice for not less than 13 goals the opponent scored into an empty net! The differential may be misleading in several respects."

James Wisniewski-Montreal cyberpresse.ca 5/6/2011 on his plus minus in 2010/11.

Thrilled for Bergenehim, Roloson, Bergeron, Brewer and especially Wayne Flemming or any other former Islanders I missed. Would love to see Tambellini get a chance in Vancouver.