Dolan's Newsday & Those Who Need Him Cannot Be Trusted On Nassau Coliseum Referendum Reporting/Coverage

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NYIFC has tried for years to get it's message out on this subject. If Charles Dolan bought the Islanders from John Pickett, or there was no James Dolan, we would likely have seen a true partnership that would have only helped hockey's viability in New York.

The New York Islanders for Charles Dolan/Cablevision in the 1980's was what the Yankees are to YES Network.

That was then, this is now.

Sorry folks, anything who believes or does not report the Cablevision Dolans stand to gain a great deal from the referendum failing, simply have another agenda.

That would be an agenda that, runs/hides from the long-standing poor treatment of the New York Islanders in their print or television coverage, which contributed to putting their viability in question.

Many need the Dolan's to stay employed and have nothing to gain by going there, or will even ignore what has happened and defend the company that owns the Cablevision Knicks and a hockey team with one more playoff appearance than the Islanders since 1997.

Those folks will be self-muted or defend Cablevision for their own gain.

The coverage is running exactly as expected here, mostly negative, with anything positive being quickly questioned by Dolan's writers and publication.

What are Dolan's writers going to do? Anything that questions their employer will not be printed, the writer sent packing faster than you can say John Mancini.

Scrutiny of the Garden's 1981 tax exemption is not to be mentioned, anything negative from another outlet receives top billing. The word Dolan never to be used, while Wang is a constant subject, despite his requests to keep negotiations out of newspapers.
What Can Wang/Islanders Do?
They do not own a newspaper or a major television outlet beyond their own website, the folks that own media (representing the other side) will call up their friends and request time to control the message.
If a referendum fails, Mangano has his out for good, Wang too.

I fully expect Ed Mangano to use that out and be rid of the Nassau Coliseum issue for good.

Charles Wang owns the hotel, it's in his best interest to keep trying, however this could well mean the end of his efforts to retain the team at it's present location.

Sure a rejection could lead to the compromise I first wrote about when the project was announced, still what happened in Phoenix will officially be stamped on everything that happens moving forward, the push will be on for the team to leave from all circles.

If a referendum passes on 8/1, I see Nassau Democrats making sure it dies in a legislature vote, or ultimately NIFA because of political party agenda.

A positive referendum vote will be dismissed as not-legitimate because it was done in summer. Has a list of all stadium/area referendum's that have passed and failed back to 1990. Many failed and were constructed anyway.

Ultimately it depends on how much further Charles Wang wants to go. It would be impossible to blame him if he decided he has tried enough. Charles Wang is going to be over seventy if a new Coliseum is approved and constructed, his time as owner is going to end at some point.

NYIFC Viewpoint On Coliseum Referendum:
The New York Islanders are a public trust, with a tradition that is special among all sports teams, never to be placed into the embarrassing position Mangano has put them into.

The Coliseum referendum is a good project that will bring in new revenue, new jobs, and finally get something happening there, it will pay for itself and a lot more. No more Smg taking the revenue Nassau handed them from the Islanders.

Still, Mangano is a joke. Can you imagine if any other team had it's future put to a public referendum? Most/all of them would fail as Mike Bloomberg closed fire-houses to give baseball teams absurd tax bonds.

All those teams in NYC/NJ carved up the taxpayers in the backroom. Edmonton and Quebec will do likewise to it's taxpayers if an arena is built.

Unlike the New York projects which closed neighborhood businesses, or placed the revenue streams inside the owners new theme-parks, a new Coliseum adds capacity, it includes a new baseball stadium, new development on that parking lot. Those projects lowered ballpark capacity.

Wall Street Journal: provides comments from local businesses around Yankee Stadium that support this viewpoint.

A new Coliseum helps what already is there on Hempstead Turnpike.

If a new Coliseum received naming rights, the final four, other major events, a great deal is realistic in what can be gained by voting for this.

Wang's paying for overages, I cannot see a new building coming in at only 350m based on so many other local facilities.

The loss of the team and a shuttered Coliseum will take away the jobs, revenue and tax money a million visitors currently spend going there. The demolition of the Coliseum will take away from outside businesses that desperately need that revenue.

The loss of the Coliseum revenue, has to be passed on the taxpayers, which includes the demolition.

A nightmare for Nassau County on countless levels.

Maybe after a decade of all the politicians running off everyone who does not make their friends money (sound familiar Desmond Ryan?) something will get done there, the taxpayers will be on the hook for that too.

See Roosevelt Raceway.

NYIFC Blog has created a special section on the referendum via the Islanders website.

Dolan's Coliseum End Game:
Dolan rides in like he did with Hartford.

Cablevision pays Wang for the television rights, regains the territorial right for their own teams expansion into Nassau County.

A renovated (naming rights) Cablevision Coliseum becomes a reality with the Long Island AHL Rangers taking over (Wang keeps business at his hotel) games go on Msg+ and that will be it.

NYIFC Endgame:
It's up to each individual to clearly determine who's future interest is being best represented in referendum coverage, which will influence voters.

You know where NYIFC stands on this subject, it's a viewpoint that comes from a sincere and honest place with no agenda or gain ever.

NYIFC is our public trust to give you an honest blog, never anything else.

Our best effort has been provided to NYIFC readers.

Thank You Always.

Hockey coverage will resume via twitter next week.

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