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Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio is reporting UFA Jeremy Colliton will return on a two-way contract. Confirmed by Sound Tigers website.

Updated 1pm:
Writing the NIFA meeting will be live here Thursday at 4pm may not be correct.

NIFA meetings are archived for viewing. It may have been a bit presumptuous on NYIFC part, that automatically (like Nassau) the NIFA meeting would also been shown live at 4pm via live web cast.

We apologize in advance if the meeting is not live-streamed at 4pm.

NIFA will be Meeting 7/14/2011 at 4pm from Charles Wang's Marriott Hotel, where they are expected to comment on the Coliseum referendum in their agenda.

Like Nassau County all NIFA meetings can be seen with no media spin. NIFA had it's Jan-April meeting (likely others) at the Marriott, so there is nothing to be read into that.

Many past NIFA meetings are available for viewing, most are only a few minutes with none of the debate/lobbying you see in County meeting process.

NYIFC 8.1.11 section (right sidebar bottom of page) has all available information, including all Stadium/Arena referendum outcomes since 1990.
New York Islander Fan Central twitter on side-bars & special section set up for rookie camp, has had plenty of coverage.

7/13: ITV had video interviews with Ryan Strome, Calvin deHaan, Anders Nilsson, among others.

7/16 ITV: will show Blue vs White Live Saturday at 7pm.

NYIFC Comments:
Only expectation I have from prospect camp is no players are injured. The Devils, Adam Larsson, and several prospects have sustained injuries in their camp this week here.

Eric Boguniecki : signed by Bridgeport as as assistant to new Head Coach, Brent Thompson.

NYIFC Comments:
This is somewhat of a surprise given the club has a lot of folks, who have had brief appearances on the Sound Tigers bench, Matt Bertani was retained as an assistant.

Seems management felt a need to add a second assistant or Thompson was permitted his own hire?
New York Notables:
1. Funny how Charles Wang is spending the same forty million he was before there was a cap floor or ceiling, and not one person writes about it? Roloson/Wisniewski were traded with no replacements and the New York Islanders did not go below the floor, which means they were at least four million above it.

But why go there?

2. It's already 7/13, how dare the Islanders not sign Bryan McCabe for three million, Alexei Kovalev/Zherdev for another two million and subject us to actually seeing if Calvin deHaan, Nino Niederreiter can make the club out of camp?

At least replace Godard and Mike Rupp? We have no one to stand up for John Tavares. (wrong Atlantic team and era)

2A. It's not 1998-2008 for Bryan McCabe or Kovalev anymore. The right wings in the system may be a lot better than Zherdev now. Kyle Okposo will likely be back with Tavares and Moulson on the first line, with Parenteau going down a line or two.

3. How are the Islanders going to compete with a defense that has Eric Brewer, MA Bergeron, Bruno Gervais and Matt Gilroy?

3A. Victor Hedman is a very good player, spare me about the rest being better than the Islanders or most other teams at this time.

4. Make an offer sheet (insert star player name) what are they waiting for?

4A. Matched.
End of story.
How Low Can You Go Department:
1. I watched the Nassau County meeting Monday which included spending four million dollars in repairs to the Nassau Coliseum, it quickly and quietly passed, but those needing to create a story out of nothing (beyond selling themselves) did what they do best for their own selfish purposes.

1A. Not like the Nassau Coliseum had to cancel an Islanders home game because of asbestos issues, but those same folks would not dare write one word on that and retain a credential.

1B. Instead let's interview some former players to whole-heartedly, without question and from a completely honest place support the Islanders staying, while in the background, it's kept as negative as possible in the owners paper, which contributed greatly to the teams attendance/coverage issues since they started pulling games off television in 1998.

1C. What's next the Islanders refused their Metro Ice Challenge Winnings, or a pregame a few years ago because their TV partner is so wonderful? That the Islanders do not even want preseason games televised/or preseason specials? That the team does not even want our great partners to be burdened with live web-casted preseason games to help interest? Just place all the games on an insulting channel named for Madison Square Garden and hold the HD/ratings, while spamming Msg teams across every telecast.

1D. Anyone have a bridge to nowhere to sell cheap beyond the one going up at a renovated Msg? This end game is all about October 2015, quietly riding in as the good guy while saving hundreds of millions.

Since 1998, the history reflects the truth.

2. PHWA President, Kevin Allen, has no answers on what to do with blogger vs writer credentials issue here beyond letting the teams decide or who vouches for individuals in markets where there is less coverage?

I personally like Kevin Allen's work, but his answer seems to be pass the buck or stay above it as association president. Perhaps he's too smart to take a stand?

3. Beyond comical the same article reports the NY Times, does not allow it's hockey writers to vote for NHL awards? You may recall this was the same publication demanding transparency last November on Islanders media policies? NYIFC called out this hypocrisy once again on April 5th.

4. Yes folks, it's 2011. Hockey information has regressed so much we have comedy sideshows playing insiders on teams finances, with select professional media outlets so cheap and lazy they use them as actual resources.

Then those same publications, call out the teams for not spending enough?

4A. Where's X-Ice when you need them with long memories of Islanders earliest website versions.

5. Maybe we can get some of these comedy sideshow kiddies to publish the salaries of all the professional North American hockey writers? Then we can see which editors, publishers, and owners are the real hockey coverage problem?

5A. Will be fun to see the NY Post calling out Rupert Murdoch (NEVER), which needs to save a little money these days, firing Larry Brooks/Mark Everson and replacing them with AP coverage which would be a dramatic improvement for New York hockey credibility at the Post.

6. Let's end on a good note-Type the words Fort Neverlose into Google maps.
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