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Basically the side show continues with the New York Islanders again in the middle of a political football game.

NIFA's 7/14 meeting is now available webcast 13:55 on Coliseum referendum but frankly NIFA members after not having an official position, called the Coliseum referendum nothing more than a property tax of 3.5-4 percent, asking if the highest taxed people in the nation have an appetite for more?

The official position is the vote passes/legislature passes, it will be taken up again.

NYIFC Comments:
For an entity with no official position, they made clear enough they do not support this in any way at all. The contention on both sides between Mangano's office on County finances, and NIFA speaks for itself.

Obviously the Islanders, Wang, are clearly caught in-between.

George J. Marlin's personal blog in December 2010 did share his thoughts on Charles Wang's hockey team, but his viewpoints receive top billing in James Dolan's Newspaper.

Mr Marlin has never written anything on Cablevision's teams, or made personal comment of construction of team facilities in taxpayer bounded/exempt stadium/arena currently in the New York-New Jersey area.

Next Up:
Unless by some chance Desmond Ryan can get Mangano (and his staff) charged with using public funds to promote the Coliseum project (they are only allowed to inform residents) NYIFC will be going back into full-time hockey mode via twitter starting Friday.

A lot of good news coming out of camp, tons of features. NYIFC is not a political blog. The agenda's on all sides (media included) will play themselves out as they will.
I'm somewhat disappointed, I was unaware, Jeremy Colliton, was Bridgeport's all-time leading scorer. He is only twenty six, so this is not adding a player with absolutely no potential for a breakout year.

I would love to see the club get Jack Hillen signed to a AHL-NHL contract, but the defensive prospects here suggest no.

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