Mangano's 8/2 Press Conference On Coliseum Future

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/02/2011 03:51:00 PM |

Updated 5pm:
Nassau County Website: Has Ed Mangano's full nineteen minute press conference on 8/2 with questions and answers.

Updated 3:35pm
Mr Mangano responded via twitter to our question on an 8/12 deadline for RFP with the following:

This is not a RFP request. We just want ideas submitted so we can create the RFP. The 12th is a loose deadline

AP: had an article on Mangano's press conference and that anyone, including Charles Wang, can submit a proposal for the Coliseum site. Also no public money can be used for any development project.

NYIFC Comments:
In short, Charles Wang has to bid to retain the team there past 2015 or someone willing to buy the team from him must bid and construct a Coliseum with no public money.

The door is now wide-open for any development, that if approved, would remove the Islanders after 2015, along with the Nassau Coliseum afterward. Construction on other projects could begin before 2015, as the Islanders are only a tenant.

About what was expected in early May. This was Kate Murray's plan all along for her zoning, now we see if her developers can get something constructed with the long-term slate on the land blank.

Problem there is Charles Wang's hotel belongs to him and is not leased only until 2015, but permanently.

Of course there is the Dolan factor long-term, do not see them jumping in when it would be unpopular, but after the Islanders exit ticket is stamped, they did plenty to win the sound bite game for the other side, long before their luke-warm endorsements.

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