No More Excuses 16,000 Must Attend Games

New York Islander Fan Central | 8/02/2011 12:32:00 PM |

67,000+ people in Nassau County alone voted YES on Monday, they should now be putting their money where they vote was.

All the folks, who voted YES, those who voted no, most had one thing in common, they wanted to keep the team here.

Your tax money is not going toward a building anymore, go purchase some tickets.

Perhaps that will make Charles Wang, less heartbroken, as he understandably should be for again spending money to be slapped around like a hockey puck by politics.

67,000 said Yes on Monday just in Nassau County alone. All it takes it's 16,000 people to get involved, not counting 30-40 percent of the season tickets based outside Nassau County per Charles Wang, who all wished they could vote YES Monday.

You want to force the politicians to keep the team here? Very simple.

You do that by filling the Nassau Coliseum for every single game. This team has games with four digit attendance, that has to stop immediately. The days of staying home until the club wins will get this team moved, new building or not.

We had two recent entries on this 5/31/11: Why Are We Here Now Blame Yourselves? & 6/3/11: Only Way To Save The New York Islanders Is Purchase Tickets

Unlike Monday, this is something not relegated to Nassau County, anyone can get involved and purchase tickets.

Howard Milstein long ago said fill the building first, I'm sorry, but the fans now have to fill the building immediately, regardless of poor and indifferent television and media coverage.

Regardless of what happens on the ice.

Charles Wang did what he usually does Monday, try to take away the distractions and put the focus on hockey.

Vote Yes on Season Tickets.

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