New Boarding/Hits To Head Rules Show Promise

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/22/2011 10:30:00 PM |

Wanted to post this video from earlier in the week.

Shows promise, but a very fine line, that had this blogger asking what differences in what was a penalty vs what was a clean hit? After watching games for over thirty years, many of those hits were very similar in nature. I expect scrutiny and controversy, however feel this is a necessary step and applaud the direction.

Bottom line decisions have to be consistent from the league office, based upon the video result. Explanations have to make sense to everyone based upon what everyone saw vs the rule.

Video has to explain why one thing similar to another is actually different via the new rules. That fraction of a second difference a player can turn wrong, duck, raise an arm, elbow for a high hit or a shot between the numbers is very slight.

I felt this was important for our readers to reference, a huge change for the NHL.