New York Lineup/Injury Updates/Media Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/22/2011 02:52:00 PM |

Islanders website: Presented an injury update and who skated as one group of players will travel to Boston to play the Bruins Friday night.

This flew a bit under the radar with me because he was not on precamp list but Tomas Marcinko is in camp with the Islanders. Sorry for not pointing that out here.

NYIFC Comments:
Rolston at his age with a groin tweak is always more notable.

The Bruins website announced it will live stream Friday's game here.
Dolan's media salesman in his Newspaper, Neil Best, did what he does to maintain employment, and ignored Dolan's $ cuts to Islander coverage again or that they have no Kaufman/Carlin replacements two weeks before the opener?

Old news, but always fun watching usual suspects run from the subject, and display their obvious double standard being that they are so quick to call out the New York Islanders for any spending cuts, but not their own employer getting a public tax exemption skimping on coverage?

Brian Compton of last year told me he does not answer or report to Ranger media lifers, Frank Brown and John Dellapina in charge of league media?

Ok, fair enough.

You may wonder why this blog calls out Frank Brown? His past coverage and bias in New York speaks for itself, but for Islander fans needing a refresher course here.

Anyone wonder why everything is a pipeline out of this organization?

As for Mr Compton, why doesn't he call out these double-standards with his space and put the spotlight on disparity in people hired, games assigned, what the ratings damage means when a game is on Msg+2 vs MsgPlus/Msg and why our all New York Islander preseason games are not televised?

That's how teams generate interest and sell more tickets. You think Paul Lancey does not want the team getting more exposure/coverage which generates to more tickets sold? Think Michael Picker, would say please don't show our games, we want to have two for one giveaways for our one home preseason game?

More coverage can also lead to more advertisers, interest in a new or renovated Coliseum, a naming rights deal, it may also lead to the Dolan's having to pay their cable obligations until 2030.

Neil Best can only write what he's told or he's gone faster than Marv Albert or Bob Page.

For those wondering if hockey telecast money is not a huge deal to James Dolan, please don't take my word about it, read it from former Msg President, Michael McCarthy here directly.