New York Notables

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Obviously a very tough time for all hockey fans, reflecting on so many recent tragedies that also extend to events of 9/11.

Having written that hockey continues, some great news to start. Former Islander and Sound Tigers, Head Coach, Steve Stirling has returned to the ice for the Senators after his heart attack in June here.

Islanders website: reported Josh Bailey was in New York working out and made clear he wants to be a New York Islander, and expects a new contract to happen.

NYIFC Comments:
Ultimately this comes down to what Bailey's agent advises him and if the player wants to accept the Islanders offer and his agents advice. Says something so far again another quiet negotiation out of the media for Garth Snow.

That also extends to John Tavares comments about wanting to resign here. Curious he commented on captaincy, but only he knows how question was phrased. No matter how he answers that becomes a story.

Thoughts on the trade of prospect David Toews to Chicago? No idea why management did not bring him to prospect/training camps. Toews was not some extreme long-shot, he was a third round pick, so future considerations is not exactly a good exchange for a player they had no obligation to trade at this time.

Obviously a reason for one or both sides, his leaving school to play in Canada should not have been that reason.
NYIFC asked the teams twitter feed that Jiggs McDonald be included and inducted the same night as Ed Westfall. Granted a 70's hockey player vs an 80-90's announcer, however McDonald is an NHL Hall of Famer, it's long overdue he be recognized with his longest tenured New York Islander teammate.

Felt they should have tripled up on the 80's honors, Goring, Tonelli, Langevin, both Sutter brothers. All Core of Four members have to be included and for me they all deserve their individual banners in the rafters because of being part of a team that won four straight stanley cups/nineteen straight playoff series.

Know this is an era-based induction, however Kenny Jonsson or Patrick Flatley over some of those championship players is an insult.

Cue the Islanders are selling tickets vs they are not respecting their history debate if they do nothing.
Prospect game televised? Don't bet on it.
First images up of the 40th anniversary logo on the home jersey's.