NYI Should Demand Msg's Rose Apologize/Media Notables

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/22/2012 11:54:00 PM |

NYIFC has criticized countless articles during it's time, this blogger has also suggested many writers have an agenda, however never once was there any thought to employ a disability term about an individual or outlet to make the point an article was poorly done.

Howie Rose went far over that line on Saturday employing the words " House-bound Agoraphobe, " to make his point about an Espn writer, he was doing fine without any of that.

Butch Goring, in only his second year got it correct, simply suggesting the writer cover another sport.

No, this blogger is not Agoraphobic, and has never known any such individual, our point is Mr Rose conduct is not professional for taking hockey discussion where he did.

Before a game on 11/17/2008, the Vancouver media was very rough on the New York Islanders before a game at the Coliseum.

During that game Mr Rose and Billy Jaffe took their shots back and let the " All Knowning, " Vancouver media have it good when the Isles won the game in a shootout here without going where Rose did Saturday.

NYIFC personally feels Mr Rose remark about individuals with agoraphobia, during Saturday's game inappropriate and completely uncalled for.

To quote Mr Rose, he has some explaining of his own to do.

The New York Islanders should publicly demand James Dolan's Msg employed broadcaster issue an on-air apology and distance themselves from this conduct.
As for the rest of the local NY media good thing the local papers/editors do not have a salary floor for covering NHL hockey?

Seems the better John Tavares, Matt Moulson and this team plays the less coverage they receive at home.

Hardly unexpected, we touched on this subject before the season began that the New York Islanders have the worst professional media of any professional sports team and it would only get worse, regardless how the team plays.

Dwindling blurbs from AP in Manhattan media? No NHL.com writer sent by former Daily News Ranger die-hards, Frank Brown, NHL VP of media relations and John Dellapina, NHL Director of Media Relations?

Daily News: Had part-time at best hockey writer, Kristie Ackert, covering the Nets in New Jersey, who announced only 10,000+ crowd Sunday.

These people are well aware the team has lost thousands of viewers with Cablevision-Time Warner blackout, and the limited work of Arthur Staple behind the Dolan's paywall.

The NHL is not allowing feeds to be aired by teams per Islander Twitter:

@NYIslanders: Unfortunately NHL broadcast restrictions prohibit streaming. We know this is a tough time for our fans.

As for Charles Wang, the 5th annual Lighthouse Tournament did not receive one word of local press. Mr Wang is photographed with the kids Sunday, who again spent his time/money to bring them here from all over the New York area and around the world.

NYIFC does no infomercials for Charles Wang or anyone, we simply point out what's fair and appropriate.

Mr Mangano was sent a twitter message from NYIFC:
@edmangano Why were you/staff not at Nassau Coliseum for kids Mr Wang brought in for 5th annual Lighthouse Tournament this week?