NYIFC: Misleading Journalism 101

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/20/2012 07:32:00 PM |

I wish to start this entry a little differently.

There are times this blogger does not have a lot of patience with those not interested in a fair and reasonable discussion regarding the New York Islanders.

There are times this blog goes after media double-standards and does not hold back if something is unfair. If Peter Botte can take digs at Rick DiPietro, NYIFC can take our own shots will Mr Botte's editor at the Daily News let him cover even less games than DiPietro plays?

That would also go to media that refuse to spend money on covering games, but will be the first to question Charles Wang's payroll?

NYIFC finds it disingenuous so many in the hockey media, who barely cover our team or check in once a year are so interested in marketing their views will play instant expert on all thirty teams, but usually need an outdated playbook a decade old or even longer for that yearly article.

Toronto Star: An article today proves my point omitting Wang's committee was something he said he would abandon if unsuccessful which he did, ignoring Dallas followed same model with Brett Hull, disregarding several playoffs Yashin/DiPietro contracts brought to Islanders, also the first time Mike Milbury's team missed playoffs (excluding first season) he resigned as Charles Wang's gm, who never hired him, but retained him.

Dolphins owner, Steve Ross, for those wondering was a minority partner in Howard Milstein's New York Islanders here but this writer did not report it.

Bottom line, no one is an expert on all thirty teams, most are not experts on one, but please do not insult our intelligence.

Media who go with that self-serving approach produce so much incorrect information, it's insulting to even the fans who do not follow any team closely.

This simply begs the question are these professional media people so desperate to impress their bosses, maintain a living or simply make a name for themselves at any cost, they must know all or pretend as such?

It would be great/refreshing once in a while to see some of these folks, drop the pretense and just say they are not sure and do not follow x team closely enough or are only going by stats or simply that they could be wrong.

Even better if someone wrote because I work for x employer part of my job is to sell x team because it's good for our advertising, my ability to make a living in hockey/sports media because I'm building my own career resume.

As for NYIFC the great part about writing NYIFC/Islanders-Sound Tigers all these years going back to 1999 is there has never been any interest in hockey journalism beyond asking Kevin Allen long ago what the exact process is to become an a member of the PHWAOA which Mr Allen was kind enough to write about in 2008 for NYIFC here.

Does that mean everything NYIFC writes here on the New York Islanders, on twitter or anywhere else is absolutely correct and everyone else is wrong because I follow the games/articles?

Absolutely not.

There is always room for fair and reasonable points from everyone. This blog goes into entries hoping for good counter-points that contribute and make discussions even better, that help our knowledge, there are many in e-mails.

Any outsider who tells you what is happening in a teams locker room or what owners/players or general managers are thinking are wasting your time, they don't know.

Same for fans and media that love character question topics, unless you are in that room and around these people, it's insulting to go there and says more about the character of the person asking that question.

Unless a player is quoted, and these days you really need supporting video, it should not be trusted as reliable because many quotes are taken out of context, by the third of fourth article, the headlines can turn a story into something very different.

Speculation is one thing, but anyone throwing out gossip (positive or negative) is again simply being disingenuous.

NYIFC simply gives it's viewpoint with as much supporting knowledge as can be provided. It's a place of knowledge that will not insult it's readers with sourced based information and does not play the sensationalism game. That level of reporting even at the professional level is misleading at best, unfortunate at it's worst.

The viewpoints here are very basic.
1. How the player skates during games.
2. What the player says in direct quotes.

Of course, you look at stats of other players who come to your team, but like many of the articles are usually misleading.

I hope this answer the questions a few folks have asked.