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Do not wish to comment much on games based only on highlights.

The Isles twitter would not respond to a question about live streaming all games on ITV for Time Warner customers, we'll see if Cablevision allows this for their own teams?

In the meantime NYIFC will write what we can on a few subjects.

1. It's gotten to a point with Rick DiPietro that he simply cannot stay healthy.

For him to miss this much time, have a few practices, travel to Carolina, then go back home with a lower body injury might require the organization rethink what direction they go in with him after this season.

Groin problems for goaltenders can linger and ruin seasons, only the Isles medical staff can say whether this is related to his knee surgeries. Still a decision needs to be reached after four seasons, he's regressed for different medical reasons from a year ago.

If Mikko Koskinen can play in Europe under contract, the Isles can make similar arrangements for DiPietro.

2. Nabokov still has his mistakes which led to a goal against Carolina, he's also played well enough, but neither of the three goaltender have proven durable.

2a. If he proves durable and effective Nabokov should be offered a contract. Only he knows if he will wish to stay, but don't overestimate his value. If he goes at the deadline at best he's worth a late round pick unless a team badly overpays.

2b. I'm starting to wonder if Dwayne Roloson needs a change of scenery again next summer and would like to return, only problem here is at the moment the collective defense here is as weak as Tampa.

3. Love the decision to reunite Okposo with Tavares/Moulson which worked very well in Scott Gordon's first season.

3a. Not sure what that means for Parenteau's future, however for now he has a spot on the top lines.

3b. Also not sure what to make of Niederreiter, wrote he should have been sent back to juniors.

4. Michael Grabner's speed has been gone since his groin injury, perhaps it's time to sit him down, he was the key to the secondary scoring.

5. Nice to see Nielsen get a rebound/shootout goals, but at five on five his track record screams he's not going to score. Bailey desperately needs a few players who can finish or set him up on his wings, Rolston is not that player.

5a. Nielsen should also be phased out of any powerplays units.

5b. He should be in play come the trade deadline, he's not Michael Peca defensively or physically, he's the perfect fourth line center for this team moving forward but likely would not want that role.

5c. I see nothing that can be done with Reasoner signed through next season, short of sending him to the AHL via waivers.

6. Reality is this defense (especially the veterans) are making their usual huge mistakes for this team. Nothing I have not written about since opening night.

7. Not sure what's going to happen out West. Win or lose, this teams has demonstrated only that whenever it gains ground, it gives it right back and usually it's about their weaknesses catching up with them and not so much the opponent.

7a. Many elements of this roster are not built to last long-term past this season and doing little to merit a spot here now. Cannot fathom why Wishart, deHaan, Rakhshani and others are waiting for opportunities next fall they should be getting now.

7b. David Ullstrom has had his concussion for a long time now.

8. Been a long time since this team lost a game in a blowout like the Devils had against Boston.

9. Would like to see the Isles formally announce they wish a change from Howie Rose for next season and put the pressure directly on Msg.

Rose enthusiasm seemed painfully forced against Edmonton, he also did this before his previous vacation in his final game as if he's trying to leave a good impression.

Too many vacations and enough playing the Jiggs card, who can be given any role he likes if Msg wants to pay for it. Rose does nothing to help raise the Islanders profile and it's time to call the teams carrier on the public carpet after taking the hit for Billy Jaffe who was also apparently dumped quietly by what was formerly Versus and is not calling games for any team.

9a. Interesting no one called out Versus for Jaffe not being tendered a contract? He now does NHL Network highlights (Time Warner is providing NHL Network for free to replace Msg and he spoke via telephone with Moulson after Carolina win) and appears on Dolan's weekly hockey program, for keeping quiet/saying what was on the Msg cue cards when not renewed.

10. For those wondering Flyer owner Ed Snider's Comcast, who was a big part of Smg taking all the Coliseum's revenue, now owns NBC so whatever hockey programming is there will feature Snider's Flyers.

10a. Ilya Bryzgalov got a fat front-loaded contract from Snider to give up nine goals against the Jets, not start the outdoor game and overall is the latest mistake in goaltending 101 by Snider. This was after Snider had his other front-loaded long term flavors of the previous year traded last summer.

10b. Which is why the NHL needs a new CBA and changes to prevent this practice.

11. Brutal spin on the terrible winter classic ratings for Cablevision vs Comcast by Bettman and those who need Msg/Comcast ad dollars, who look the other way because it's not good for their careers nor would their editors let them write about it.

Correction: Not sure why NYIFC has been writing Brian Rolston had forty points in the second a year ago, he had close to thirty points from January 9th to the end of last season. Obviously a poor job here by a blog that prides itself on giving it's readers accurate information and not acceptable.

Having written this Rolston's second half production from January 9th forward made his trade for Trent Hunter's contract a good gamble statistically at the time which was the overall point to be made.

Clarification: Sorry NYIFC has done virtually nothing on the WJC, the link was posted weeks prior to the games for folks to read everything, simply did not have much to write on this subject to give it the space it was in the past.