" Isles Want To Stay At Coliseum, Nothing's Changed "

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/14/2012 04:48:00 PM |

NYIFC Twitter has direct quotes from earlier speakers who were all questioned so no creative interpretations or sources required from Tuesday's meeting. 

 " Isles want to stay at the Coliseum, nothing's changed. Nassau County is the first choice, currently talking to Mangano "

-New York Islanders Senior Vice President & Alternate Governor, Michael Picker.

Mr Picker was not on the agenda of speakers, he came in, spoke, was questioned by legislature, received big applause in a mostly empty room.

Rob Walker, spoke for County Executive, Ed Mangano.

Comments/Impressions Based On Live Comments During Webcasted Meeting.
The county desperately needs Albany's financing.  Could be a second round of funding awarded also in 2012 according to Kevin Law.

No taxpayer money will be used, the people have spoken angle from referendum came up early per Walker.

The RFP (Request for Proposals) was filed 2/1/2012.

No RFP cannot go forward before 2015 without the Isles approval as the anchor tenant. 

Nassau Coliseum is still an SMG managed facility, despite sublease.

Kevin Law, representing Gov Cuomo (who was invited), said other projects beat out HUB last year and NYS is ready to approve a " shovel-ready " project at site, but it's about competition and best plan.

A decision needs to be reached by end of Dec 2012 according to Rob Walker.

Mr Picker when he spoke even said earlier than that. 

A lot of talk on Kate Murray's zone hurting developers, a lot of failed past history.

Some discussion of the Oct 2011 plan which was briefly released could be workable. 

99.9 percent of Mr Picker's financial talking points were all based on last summers revenue projections of a new Coliseum/loss of team to area...ect, that would include Mr Wang's Arenco company in a lease agreement. 

Many questions of infrastructure, highways, what Picker would describe as later phases with the first being a new Coliseum that could include some LH elements for foot-traffic. Bottom line he wanted to discuss getting the Coliseum done now.

A lot of discussion of past political football with many legislature member, and that it has to end now, talk of locking doors with principals and hammering out deal. Some late talk of even a small amount of public
funding by one speaker on docket.

Ultimately it seems at this time Charles Wang is happy with the framework of what was agreed to last summer, now Albany or another developer have to come up with money.

It does not seem as if tenant Charles Wang is going to pay his landlord for the privilege of building them a new house which was consistent with what he said last summer when he was asked and said " probably not. "