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New York Islander Fan Central | 2/17/2012 06:05:00 AM |

Not much to write on New York's loss to St Louis.

A makeshift defense, a goaltender obviously who did not steal anything and a team that's played a lot of hockey (but did not look exhausted) against a club almost unbeatable club at home. Montoya had a lot of shots re-directed in front of him to be fair.

Having written this he also looks like the struggling AHL goaltender he was when he was traded here, his reactions are poor, he does not look set for shots.

Nabokov misses a week, it may even come down to Kevin Poulin coming up and starting Saturday.

Niederreiter played well, Nielsen is giving them goals lately that are a bonus, they have to win those games he scores. Win one/lose one likely means a lottery pick.

Tavares, Bailey and Okposo have to produce some goals. Grabner's either hurting since his groin injury or it's something else because he's not getting his breakaways or coming close to displaying the speed he consistently showed for over a full year. 
Garth Snow has little to sell unless the plan is make a play for Rick Nash and give up a big part of their youth movement, Nash would have to waive his NTC.

I see no reason why Columbus would deal Nash with a long-term contract for less than equal value when he should be the player to build around.

Tampa, who now lead New York are benching players available for trade. No criticism for Steve Yzerman (unlike Snow/Guerin) because no one knows why? Different media people, different rules.

For Ty Wishart to go back to Bridgeport, he now has to clear waivers. Katic skated, as did deHaan but contact still not part of it.
PA Parenteau:
Obviously Parenteau (now Alan Walsh) have not learned what most UFA here have. The less talking in the media, the better a chance of being resigned. Parenteau had twenty goals a year ago, he has twelve now.

Comeau had 20/24 goal seasons and did not get 3.75m tripling Parenteau's contract will bring which is what he claimed he wants.

Moulson for his 20-30 goals makes three million.

I do not see a dominating play-maker at even strength, his assist totals are a bit inflated by PP. Simply put, I move Parenteau at the deadline if it brings a player who helps this franchise moving forward, unless this club puts together a big winning streak and is at the brink of the 8th seed.
Islanders website does not need ITV feature a year old on Dolan's worthless coverage when our teams games are blacked out for many. The Islanders have worst hockey media in professional sports (NYIFC has done enough on that) but spare us this garbage.

Howie Rose got nominated for an award? Most games missed or something along those lines? 

Comical and frankly pathetic New York Islander Fans are not even a factor in Dolan's latest coverage issues with a carrier. We all know Dolan will not permit Islander hockey to be shown on free television like he allowed for the Sabres.

Funny how the New York Islanders had the same five hundred record as Cablevision's basketball team entering last night's games, but no urgency to put games on television. 

The Sabres people spoke up and are not happy. 
Ed Mangano gave former Wang Lighthouse partner, Scott Rechler, financing last week, for a new building in Plainview where the Isles offices are, but is giving Wang an exclusive window to pay for a new Coliseum himself?

How generous. 

Of course Mangano is too busy celebrating New Jersey Sports teams to be bothered with Nassau Counties only team or show up for some games. Al D'Amato was at one event.