NYIFC Update

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/29/2012 10:00:00 AM |
As many know this blog has never been a fan of doing these kind of updates, however folks ask questions via e-mail, so it's respectful to keep everyone informed on rare occasions.

The official name of this blog is New York Islander Fan Central. Abbreviations (NYIFC), or (nyifancentral), or (NYI Fan Central), are so the words fit some of the sites/gadgets like twitter that do not accept the full version.

Personally it makes no difference, as our long-time readers know, this has never been a blog about advertising, the name on the front of the jersey axiom would apply.

Updated Changes:
1. The fonts were made larger for folks to read blog entries, and to do a better job writing them.

1a. The social networking tags have mostly been removed from entries, it's now on the sidebar for less clutter.

1b. Tagging entries has been terrible here since the 2010 full time closing. Will attempt to do better.

2a. A new area only for the latest blog entries was created on the right sidebar.

3. Recently the archives were made easier to access/find.

4. The @nyifancentral twitter box on left sidebar for responses/discussions from readers has been removed because of too much spam that cannot be deleted from this specific feature. The decision to continue not protecting tweets makes this necessary.

4a @nyifancentral twitter tab at top of page will lead you to the exact same page on twitter where spammers are blocked/removed.

4b. No changes to the general twitter box here with NYIFC updates.

5. A new twitter box has been added replacing (4). This new twitter box is for, Important Team News, Injury Updates, Gameday Lineups, Transactions.

These updates will only be visible for the time they are important, then deleted.

5a. In twitter language they will be Favorites for the time they are important, then unfavored and disappear from the box.

6. If New York or Bridgeport do make the NHL/AHL playoffs, there will no daily blog updates.

Future of New York Islander Fan Central: 
I receive many e-mails on this subject, and appreciate the very kind words.

As written in every one of these updates, the next entry could always be the final one.

There will be no closing announcement, this was done once already in April 2010, before a twitter format was discovered to add here which unexpectedly kept things going.

Our thoughts on closing NYIFC from April 2010 are unchanged with the same thanks and appreciation.

No decision on the future of NYIFC will ever be decided based upon the team or it's lease.

The promise moving forward is the same one made every year when the domain is renewed each October.

NYIFC will remain visible for the full term of it's domain registration which expires October 2012.