Trade Deadline Concluded For New York

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/27/2012 06:03:00 PM |
The trade deadline has passed, the players who are pending UFA will be signed here before 7/1 or move on to another club.

Our speculation on Evgeny Nabokov is Kevin Poulin (and Anders Nilsson) would be best served playing in Bridgeport's playoff run, one may well have to come up and replace Al Montoya.

Nabokov, if unsigned will have a market for his services, but his age, level of play will not make him nearly the attractive UFA prospect he was a few years ago come 7/1. Nabokov still has another twenty games with this team, a lot is riding on his performance for all sides.

Parenteau made clear he's done talking contract for the remainder of the season, how he performs will determine the direction things go.

NYIFC Comments:
The good news of this day is Mark Katic is finally off IR, and loaned to Bridgeport, he's been out since the preseason opener.

Overall the trade made was an odd one by Boston. 

Brian Rolston cleared waivers, Boston all of a sudden wants Mike Mottau so badly they took Rolston with him and included two minor league players? New York may see one or both come Saturday.

One look at the Isles roster/depth chart suggests they simply could not start unloading veterans.

It sounds nice and reads well to move Eaton, Staios, Pandolfo, Reasoner (signed for next season) or others, however a big part of Bridgeport's roster is here now. Dylan Reese is not ready to return, we don't know for sure if Staios will be ready Tuesday.

Calvin deHaan just started playing this weekend. Ness is there as is Wishart/Donovan.

NHL Deadline:
Deadline day between No Movement/Trade clauses, massive front-loading of contract's is not what it used to be. About what was expected in trade market.

Former Islander, Scott (one-shot) Howson's tenure as GM in Columbus unofficially ended today disclosing Rick Nash requested a trade which was unprofessional. Expect Nash to be traded or retained by Howson's successor in the future.