Botta's Sourced Based Gossip A Waste Of Islander Fans Time

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/08/2012 08:31:00 PM |
Today New York Islander Fan Central is going to give former media relations coordinator Chris Botta exactly what he wants, we're going to make him " King " by his own past standards here which he correctly employed with Steve Simmons long ago.

It's time for all of you to demand this former New York Islander employee who resigned  in May of 2008 to finally move on or produce information with direct quotes.

Drop the insider source-game or let him know he is wasting your important time.
Botta's guilty of doing what he called out Steve Simmons for, selling himself and stirring the pot while giving you nothing between what he's never allowed to write about any other NHL organization's management. 

Our time is too important to waste with sourced-based information from a former employee with an agenda.

Charles Wang has not made the Islanders arena circumstances a game of public fighting, and has insisted it not be played out in the papers. Wang has made clear the team will honor it's lease, Bettman made clear how right now the Isles leaving is not being considered.

Neither has Michael Picker, Howard Saffan or Paul Lancey.

For the most part Tom Suozzi, Ed Mangano, Rob Walker, and Kate Murray have not made it a public media fight.

What does Botta write?
It's no secret the clock is ticking and the outlook bleak.....
Sensationalism 101.

Was Botta writing this about the Oilers last year, who's lease is up a year before the Isles and still don't have a ground-breaking scheduled? This blog  wrote an entry about how Wang will have to start threatening soon a year ago in May 2011 here & pointed to Darryl Katz's comments in July 2010 here.

New York Islander Fan Central stopped using Botta's entries here even before Garth Snow left him outside the media conference at the trade deadline in February 2010. 

At the time this blog wrote he should write what he wants, it's not our business.

Obviously since then he's forced the issues many times by making the news,  the Islanders were correct. 

Botta can no longer get direct quotes from anyone about his former team, all he can do is write so-called insider,  sourced-based gossip or twitter shots at his former employer, who's blogging job he accepted after he resigned, then by his own account, turned down another............" kind/generous offer of support " in July of 2009.
I believe an increasing number of fans have finally grown tired of  Botta's act as well, who's grudge and agenda with management frankly has no cap floor after continued unfortunate dialogue about a former Flyer camp invitee drafted by Garth Snow in goaltender, Cody Rosen, a kid in college who did absolutely nothing to deserve this.

Rosen was interviewed last June 29th in the Waterford Daily Times.

I could not find a link, but I'm sure there are folks out there who remember the Isles/Boston exchanged 9th round selections once because someone had dinner/travel reservations.  

People who claim to be professional, who employ those tactics about an organization they have no current association with are only interested in making themselves noticed.

How can this be the same Chris Botta who's intentions were wonderful for Brandon Sugden long ago?

Chris Botta's no more a prospect expert than any fan writing on a blog or message board, he's not a draft expert nor do teams hire media relations coordinators to work in player/prospect development.

Is it that big a secret that when Botta asks someone about Ryan Strome's potential that person cannot even give his name? 

I found myself amused as he tried to compare forty goal scorer Jason Blake's contract negotiation at age thirty three with two year NHL player PA Parenteau, who's nine years younger after his second full NHL season.

Bottom line either provide a direct quote or stop wasting everyone's time in an attempt to garner attention.

Alan Walsh speaks for Parenteau, who's hardly shy, he fired back at Dolan's beatwriter Arthur Staple earlier this year, who labeled Walsh as sensitive. 

New York Islander Fan Central set our policy on 7/10/2000 & we updated this viewpoint in 8/2011 entry.

It's very easy finding entries to write only using direct quotes or articles with actual information. This blog does not accept sourced-based material.

Rich Hammond was a long-time Kings writer who lost his beat at the Los Angeles Daily News due to coverage cut-backs, the organization hired him, and his work is outstanding despite many rough years for the Kings over a decade.

I would venture to guess Mr Hammond did not get hired by the organization for making Tim Leiweke, Dean Lombardi or their predecessors business continual part of the daily dialogue during a period the Kings missed the playoffs for six years in a row?

What's ironic is in May 2008 New York Islander Fan Central asked Chris Botta a question about paying for media coverage here which he shot down quickly.

By December 5th 2008 he was calling for teams to host media on the road.

This is the same Chris Botta who told me Dolan purchasing Newsday  meant a solid chance coverage would be enhanced?

Of course a former media relations coordinator changing his view about media coverage is not the issue.

This blogs advice to it's readers are demand everyone give you names with on the record quotes or that those individuals stop wasting your important time.  

That is how you end the circus.

Chris Botta is " King " for the final time here.

He permanently becomes " Court-Jester " from this point forward.