If There Is No Deal In Nassau County The New York Islanders Permanent Home Should Be Msg

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/09/2012 03:05:00 PM |

I have my own solution that would permanently end all discussion about the New York Islanders leaving the metropolitan area.

It would certainly silence my criticism about the Dolan family.

The New York Islanders were Cablevision's team, they were to Charles Dolan what YES is to the Yankees when they were trying to get cable started on Long Island.

I read a lot of how the cable contract saved the Isles, would there even be a Cablevision without the New York Islanders?

This is from 1978:

Charles Dolan wanted to purchase the Islanders from John Pickett, they even signed a contract in 1991 here.

All I keep reading is how Charles Wang is such great friends with the Dolan family, some always tells me how much Msg needs the Islander revenue on their plus x whatever channel the games are hidden on, then they tell me how important the rivalry is, despite the teams never playing besides the regular season?

Fair enough, despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary it's easy to prove moving forward.

On 5/9/2012 the Dolan's AHL hockey team will play a home playoff game in Charles Wang's operated/managed Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport.

A 4-0 loss in front of an announced 1,154 here.

Wang even went to Msg for their 3D game with Dolan here and despite his team losing 3-0 early was the only one who commented with Dolan present.

Friends share?

If the Modern Staples Center in Los Angeles can support three professional sports teams (two basketball) for over a decade explain why would Charles Wang's friends not let the New York Islanders permanently relocate to Msg as a last alternative?

We have posted enough articles about how the Garden threatened to close in 1982 without taxpayer assistance because it was losing money here & how it became permanent here.

New York City even provided low cost electricity here.

The Dolan's wanted to keep this exemption so badly they are renovating. New York taxpayers paid two hundred million for the 1990 Msg renovation according to Mr Keating in a recent entry.

Charles Wang obviously goes to Msg often, he wanted to purchase the Nets. Charles Dolan was at the Nassau Coliseum during the 2002 playoffs cheering here.

A decade ago the Nets were considering relocating to Msg, Dolan gave a no comment

Of course YES was kept off Cablevision for a full year during the Yankee-Net era, when Lamoriello was involved with more than Devils hockey.

Why would Charles Wang's friends not let him permanently relocate to Msg?

Mr Bloomberg/NYC certainly would not object to another sports team that's been a New York franchise from day one being how much he embraces New Jersey football, with more revenue generated for local businesses.

Mr Bettman & the NHL board of governors would clearly not object as it would generate more revenue for the league. The New York Americans were the original New York NHL team at Msg, so two hockey franchises did share a past version of this facility before the Rangers kicked out the original tenant.

Enough New York Islander Fans are present at Msg when they play there to the point Rob Davison joined the Isles (from San Jose) and thought half the Garden was rooting for the Isles when they scored.

Last I looked the same transportation opportunities are in Manhattan that are in Brooklyn.

The Jets left Queens, who moved into Giants Stadium in 1984, they both built a taxpayer assisted facility for over a billion dollars, and the debt on the first Giants stadium was forgiven.

There was a short period a decade ago where the Yankees/Mets were going to being combined in one shared facility with a dome. The Mets did share Shea Stadium during Yankee Stadium's renovation from 1974-75, with the Giants, Jets, Cosmos for a brief period.

If the Dolan's are really supportive of the New York Islanders staying if all else fails in Nassau County this is their opportunity to prove it.

Last summer, I read many times if the Coliseum was closed all events would go to New York City.

So why not the New York Islanders?

That is when you find out who your true friends really are.
Speaking of friends, I would love to see the look on Lou Lamoriello's face when his team wins a playoff series, advances to the conference finals, and it's television carrier does not even have a studio post-game show because it's a road game?

Yes, both Msg channels have scheduled a post-game show for Dolan's hockey team after Wednesday's road game combined with Knick elimination coverage.

Nothing like saving money on a telecast, but of course Mr Jaffe was let go because a former Islander employee claims he was too critical of the Isles, not because his contract was up and Dolan did not want to pay Jaffe and Goring, who made clear he wanted to travel to all the Islander games during Jaffe's last season.

The Islanders did announce on twitter the black third jersey's will return next season on Wednesday 5/9.