2008 NYIFC Exclusive E-Mail Exchange With John Rolfe of SI.com

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/28/2012 07:10:00 PM |
SI.com: New York Islander Fan Central exchanged several e-mails with John Rolfe in July 2008 where we discussed the club's coverage at this publication.

 The Islander Follies gallery, by the way, was the idea of a fellow Isles fan in our photo department who has known only the struggle and the handful of modest successes like the recent playoff appearances.
 From time to time, our writers have looked at other franchises -- Jim Kelley frequently takes the Maple Leafs to task for their incompetence and Al Muir has gotten after the Blackhawks and Bruins, although not to the extent of putting a photo gallery together.
         -John Rolfe SI.com July 2008

NYIFC Comments:
SI.com had their unknown person in their photo department update their page for the first time since 2008, so I re-released my blog entry so you understand what's behind this according to John Rolfe of SI.com

Given that SI.com is not budgeted for exclusive full-time New York Islander coverage and operates at the John Spano level in terms of New York Islander spending, this is all they can apparently afford in 2012.

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