New York's Plan For Free Agency on 7/1/12

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On Thursday, the New York Islander prospects played a game on ITV at Iceworks.

It's almost fair to ask are the players developing here a better choice than who will make up a very weak UFA market again that opens at noon on Sunday?

But let's take an outsiders look at how the New York Islanders likely will operate when the market opens.
The More Things Change........The More They Stay The Same:  
When Mike Bossy signed his final NHL contract in October of 1981 for what would be seven years/5.75m, he went into great detail in his book (Boss: "The Mike-Bossy Story page 140-144 ") about the negotiations between himself, agent Pierre Lacroix, and Bill Torrey, which involved Islander alternate governor, William Shehan, who was a senior adviser to the club until 2002. 

A lot of basic things still apply in 2012. 

In those days newspapers were a little more responcible with information.
It Does Not Take A Committee:
Let's have a little fun, pretend we are in the Islanders offices with their charts of UFA players.

It's meeting time as Snow, Morrow, Weight,  Capuano, Klatt, whoever in the scouting department is making a list of who they want to sign/why?

Everyone goes around the table as they discuss each player, then come up with a depth chart which changes often.

No doubt Snow/staff are doing their due diligence, calling x team from gm/coaches/former players/trainers, even current Islanders to see if that player can help this franchise along with why they are becoming a free agent? Many reasons why players are available from salary to performance are well-known.

Charles Wang is likely on a speakerphone from somewhere, asking how much, why will he help the team to the point we should pay that player? Wang's also had his meetings with Michael Picker, Art McCarthy, Paul Lancey, Howard Saffan to discuss a working budget to operate in New York/Bridgeport.

Everyone has their plan.
Bottom Line:
It's not rocket science, the Islanders have their free agent depth chart, top contract figure to offer, the player/agent have done the same.

The market means one player makes a breakthrough salary wise, everyone wants a comparable salary.

Not everyone receives one. 
Let Bill Torrey/William Skehan tell you about former owner John Pickett and how this business can wear on an owner or how much credit they used to receive. I have been hard on Pickett, and apprciate these comments more today.
"I remember once in the early '80s, one of the few times my dad was ever quoted in the newspaper," Brett Pickett said. "He was saying, 'If I had my way, nobody would know who owns the Islanders.' And that's just how he preferred it."
Still there was Charles Wang at the draft meeting the teams selections.