Hofstra's Stuart Rabinowitz Biggest Threat To Coliseum Future

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/15/2012 11:39:00 PM |
Simply put our fans need to understand right now there is a new/improved version of Kate Murray, they need to learn very fast what Hofstra President Stuart Rabinowitz represents which we detailed here on 5/28.

I'm now convinced Stuart Rabinowitz is a the biggest threat to the Coliseum/Islanders future at this time. 

Things are only getting worse, our fans need to quckly learn what this man represents, and the power he currently has with regard to the Nassau Hub. 

#isles Folks need to get informed fast about Hofstra President Stuart Rabinowitz, he's the next Kate Murray and has his own plan for the HUB which does not include the Coliseum or a hockey team. Thursday in a meeting with reporters and editors at Dolan's Newsday in Melville on engineering: "Frankly, it is where the jobs are now and will be in the future," The region needs more engineers." Friday Dolan's Newsday claims he said any future plan for the Hub will include business incubators and laboratories for technology businesses. This is the man who will have a big say on funding from Albany and it seems like the only thing he wants is his 40 year neighbor gone for Hofstra's benefit?  

Our fans need to finally put this man under the spotlight, and question his motives here, and as the Mayor of Floral Park said, request his removal from any say in the HUB's future because he wanted to move the Coliseum to Belmont earlier.

In 2005 this Met fan made clear he liked the Sterling Equities/Mets " University Town " development.

Time for Stuart Rabinowitz to go.