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Monday's entry has a few words on the NHL draft, a preseason split-squad against Edmonton, the latest taxpayer handout (including selective editorial coverage) to subsidize a local sports team, with a few other items.

As written here many times it would be disingenuous for this blogger to tell you the best prospect to select on Friday/Saturday beyond best player available.

What I can tell you is there are trends with each draft, one being there have been very few (at best) years where major trades for NHL roster players happen during a draft.

The salary cap, all players with NTC/NVC, if you are expecting major trades that is not the recent trend over many years beyond trading down/up with draft picks.

Do not count on a franchise player getting a call from the draft floor asking for immediate consent to waive his trade rights.
What you will likely see is what has become a trend pre/post draft, teams trading for the negotiating rights to an upcoming UFA as the Isles did with Ehrhoff.

Some players sign/others are determined to test the market.
The Edmonton Journal reported Monday the Isles exhibition game on Sept 27th vs Edmonton will be a split squad contest with one game at Rexall Place, the other at the Brandt Centre in Regina both starting at 7pm.

CBA pending of course.

NYIFC Comments:
I gave the Isles a little criticism sending a team of prospects/tryout players up to Quebec to be slaughtered by the Canadians regulars a few years ago, and more of these split squad games are popping up.

As for two organizations playing each other at the same time, there is no dramatic competitive advantage so I have no issue with this.
In the comedy department, the New York Daily News editorials that roasted the Isles referendum last summer because according to them no taxpayer handouts should be used on sports teams had  a 6/17 Editorial  that did nothing but praise the latest taxpayer cash grab to a sports team that already got one for their stadium.

Daily News  a few days ago at least let one writer do an article on the truth which makes you wonder who does their editorials, and are they connected to the Mets in some manner? 

NYIFC Comments:
Yes, I know you want Charles Wang to feel better by spending 60m dollars or more on a front-loaded contract for a franchise hockey player, but that's not how life works. The man who settled on Madoff lawsuit got this shameful deal to go with all the other shameful local deals or tax exemptions given to local teams.

This deal not only levels a parking lot, but generational businesses.  

You can bet Wang sees that the potential owner in Arizona will get seventeen million dollars direct from the taxpayers to be their new Smg in a modern building while Wang signed up for his deal last summer not making one dime for managing a new Coliseum with no development rights.

Wang/Rechler spent twenty million dollars on the Lighthouse, and did over two hundred meetings, Wang ran virtually every day last summer to fight for Mangano's general fund cash grab over thirty years. 

He has a right to be upset.

As for the NHL schedule a year ago it was released 6/23. I'm not sure what the league does if Arizona cannot do this deal (via Goldwater) or it's potential owner does not have finances? 
NY Post agenda:
Go cover the finals to ask Parise about joining the Rangers as often as possible.
Write as often as possible about the Devils financial issues.
Give them the minimal game coverage. 

Devils deserved a lot better, but Mark Everson lived down to his nickname, New Jersey just as easily could have won.
Pittsburgh Post Gazette 6/18
 Unlike the Islanders and Blue Jackets, there aren't ample opportunities to make the NHL roster in this organization. If Simon Despres (above), had been drafted by the Islanders, he probably has at least 100 games of NHL experience already. With the Penguins, he has been limited to 18.
NYIFC Comments:
I guess the good news is so far the Gazette has not found one of the Isles dwindling summer games on Dolan's network to be too offensive to show and complained to the NHL to stop it.

Does the Gazette even do enough research to know Despres was selected 30th in the same draft as Calvin deHaan (drafted 12th) both defenders yet deHaan's played seventeen less games in the NHL?

The Pens also had enough ample opportunities to re-sign Richard Park last summer out of Europe after Fedotenko, Guerin played there. Aaron Asham also played there last season.

Bottom line the Gazette has enough problems covering the Pens.
******************************** Isles prospect Robbie Russo invited to US Development Camp in August.
Utica Oberer Dispatch: Has a two part feature on Islanders radio announcer, Chris King, with the second half expected to be released Monday.