Garth Snow's Drafts Since 2007 Success Or Failure?

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/15/2012 12:34:00 PM |
A lot of folks like to bring up the point the prospect pool was left empty by Mike Milbury when he announced his resignation as general manager in January 2006, that would be somewhat unfair because Milbury/Tony Feltrin selections Ryan O'Marra, Robert Nilsson, Blake Comeau, Chris Campoli, Bruno Gervais, Rick DiPietro, Frans Nielsen, Petteri Nokelainen, were/still part of the organization.

The class of 2006 right now is looking like Kyle Okposo, Andrew MacDonald, it's been far from a fantastic result with Ted Nolan getting the universal credit for selecting MacDonald. 

Rhett Rakhshani, Tomas Marcinko require qualifying offers by 6/25 from the 2006 class.

Troy Mattila has never been seen at a prospect camp or  mentioned by the Islanders since his selection, however technically is listed until he graduates which will likely require a contract by 8/15/2012, this information is confirmed by Dartmouth University here.

Either way let's look go back and do an accounting of how the Islanders draft selections have panned out whether it be Tony Feltrin, Ryan Jankowski, or other members of the Isles scouting, for some ground work for how Garth Snow's staff has done since his first draft in 2007.

The Isles did not draft until the third round.

62-Mark Katic: Requires a qualifying offer by 6/25 or he's gone which would be a big loss after he looked like an NHL player late in 2010-11. Shoulder injuries, the depth chart may finally pass him by in this organization. After Jared Spurgeon was signed by Minnesota and made the NHL decisions like this have to be carefully measured.

Jason Gregiore, Blake Kessel were both lost to the Wheeler college rule. Maxim Gratchev was never signed but played one game for Bridgeport. Simon Lacroix was never signed. 

Final Grade: F
Circumstances, injuries, and college rules but currently 0-5 in NHL players means F.
9-Josh Bailey: Isles following the Comeau plan changing his position often since he was drafted, he seems willing to accept this so he has to be held accountable same as management for the results. My thinking says you don't trade down twice to target a ninety point center, then not let develop as a full time center.

NYIFC has had plenty of past entries on this subject.

That noise in the background is full time center, Ryan Strome, perhaps Brock Nelson or Casey Cizikas.

36-Corey Trivino: Has to be signed if he graduates by August 15th 2012 regardless of personal issues.

40-Aaron Ness: Left school early, looked good in callup/AHL, signed.

53-Travis Hamonic: A flat out steal with an offensive side still likely to come based on his junior career.

66-David Toews: Did not stay in school, went to Canadian leagues, Isles did not sign him, now in ECHL.

72-Jyri Niemi: Isles traded this big defender to the Rangers for a pick, who's also in the ECHL.

73-Kirill Petrov: Story still needs another two years to be written because he signed in KHL.

96-Matt Donovan: Signed, looked good briefly in NHL, size desperately needed at NHL level.

102-David Ullstrom: Signed, looked good in his callups, size needed here.

126-Kevin Poulin: Flat out looks like he can start in the NHL, cannot sit on bench, injures a concern.

148-Matt Martin: Led NHL in hits, needs to score at this level.

156-Jared Spurgeon: Signed by Minnesota, excellent skating, Isles should have signed him but he's not the next Erik Karlsson so far offensively nor were teams beating down his door when Isles moved on. 

175-Justin DiBenedetto: We'll get our answer on 6/25, he's had three years and improved.

Final Grade: A 
Rare to see this many players on NHL radar in one class or have moderate/good AHL success in one organization. Will management get out of Bailey's way?
1-John Tavares: Enough said.

12-Calvin deHaan: The Isles traded up twice to select him. He almost made it out of camp his first year, despite his past shoulder injuries it's time to see what he can do at this level full time because his skating is something this team lacks on defense.

31-Mikko Koskinen: It's not looking good, he went back to Europe where he finally had a healthy year, this was the first goaltender selected in the NHL draft. He has to be qualified by 6/25, he likely does not want to start once a week in the AHL. Looks like a possible NHL goaltender when healthy/ready.

62-Anders Nilsson: Plan B with Koskinen who also looked like an NHL goaltender when healthy and playing regularly.

92-Casey Cizikas: Looks like he can be an NHL player, and will likely get that chance this fall.

122-Anton Klementyev: Was signed early, not used enough, called up for one NHL game after sitting for weeks, then again used sparingly in the AHL, finally this year refused assignment to ECHL, bought out for a pick that was handled oddly from day one.

152-Anders Lee: If he's as good as projected and the college loophole is closed, Isles may have themselves a player but at his age a lot to be determined.

Final Grade: A
Solid bets across the board beyond Klementyev. Everyone knew the depth chart in goal meant someone is the odd goalie out, it may not be Koskinen either.
5-Nino Niederreiter: Was too injured to tell for a big part of this year, along with Reasoner, but his hitting was noticeable and was improving down stretch, good for him to be outspoken about sitting. Nothing I saw indicates this year will hurt him as long as he plays his natural position.

30-Brock Nelson: He's signed and will get a look this fall, a lot of teams reportedly wanted him at the draft and the Isles moved up to acquire him.

65-Kirill Kabanov: Also signed, his junior days likely over, we'll get out answers soon.

82-Jason Clark: Still in college.

125-Tony DeHart-Oddly was not retained after one year, now in ECHL.

185-Cody Rosen-Snow gave his reasons, pick made no sense, even if a late round selection. Played one game last season. You don't waste picks in nine round drafts much less a seven round draft.

Final Grade: TBD
If three players make the NHL in a draft class you are doing well. Niederreiter was a given, Nelson will determine a big part of this grade moving forward.
The only thing that can be written about the class of 2011 is three of the eight selections have already been signed between Ryan Strome, John Persson, Johan Sundstrom.
Isles prospects John Persson, David Ullstrom have been twittering they will be in New York on Sunday with one using the hashtag minicamp, and looking forward to meeting other prospects for workouts.

This could mean something or nothing, but as we know Isles usually have their mini-camp in July, with a game at the Coliseum featuting their new draft selections.