Notable Days Ahead For New York

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/13/2012 01:24:00 PM |
Things are about to pick up for the New York Islanders, and not just because of the NHL draft.

Today we present an agenda of events folks should follow:

The Long Island Regional Economic Development Council must receive project proposals by June 15th.

They are scheduled to meet June 20th, likely to decide what projects to submit for funding to be awarded later this year by Albany.

This what Mangano, Rabinowitz and Kevin Law said with regard to the Coliseum earlier this year.
As for the New York Islanders, when the team makes an announcement or a reliable professional media outlet, we will have something to write about it, not before.

Our rule here for has been dead last/a hundred percent correct with information. Many organizations do not issue releases about staff changes. 
The only thing I can write that's different than our previous entries on PA Parenteau, is perhaps there are some concerns on his late season injury. Beyond that both sides have their numbers, we'll know when he's signed here or by another organization.
The date to pay close attention to is the Monday after the draft when qualifying offers are due.  That's when we see if the Isles intend to keep Rakhashani, Katic, DiBenedetto, Marcinko and a lot of players selected in Garth Snow's drafts.

With the Sundstrom, Persson, Nelson, Kabanov signings now/previously, with Niederreiter eligible to play in the AHL next season, time could be up for a few of these players because there are only x amount of spots.

As written recently Joenssu needs another qualifying offer for the team to retain his NHL rights.

The Islanders organizational charts of all players contract status are posted here/prospect blog.