New York Islander Fan Central Update

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/04/2012 07:57:00 PM |

A quiet time for the New York Islanders, not at New York Islander Fan Central.

Here is a full list of the major changes with our fantastic new look & format for those interested.

1. It was time to say goodbye to our outdated template that has been customized many times, everything but the video's have been re-installed.

A future new blog version of NYIFC may be created only for those historical video's/images.

Anyone with a specific IE 8/9 page loading issue should know blogger encourages Google chrome, anyone with a question about this please comment/e-mail, but this page should function with all IE formats.

2. NYIFC Latest Twitter Entries will no longer appear as a blog entry, only thanks to the Tweetizen feature this blog was not permanently closed in September 2009.

Twitter has grown since then, those updates are posted in many sections of NYIFC.

2a. For those who liked seeing the big twitter box as a blog entry here, it's homepage has been retained in full on the toolbar for anyone to see at all times. (see NYIFC Latest Twitter Updates)

3. Since early 2009 we have closed the comment section or encouraged e-mails. The Disqus commenting system has been installed/activated here for those interested.

4. There will be no changes to the New York Islander Fan Central Prospect Blog besides adding in the class of 2012, which is a stand alone encyclopedia of Islander prospects along with Bridgeport that includes updated contract status.

5. Whatever a Sulia resource is, this blog was included so our updates (blog/twitter entries) will appear there with a link on the toolbar. here

Aside from that some new bells/whistles. Our classic header will return, but is undergoing summer renovation.

Our 2/29/2012 entry on the future of NYIFC remains unchanged despite the necessary upgrades. 

Thank You