New York Needs A Professional Media Salesman

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/09/2012 04:43:00 PM |
I have written often, no professional sports franchise in 2012 has a worse media than the New York Islanders.

They could win the Stanley Cup next year, it's not changing. 

I found it fascinating the teams website actually did an article selling the area, then used it's twitter feed to ask for comment on Mangano's plan, which opens the door for me to ask what does Wang, Picker, Lancey, Saffan, and company think because that's what counts?

Charles Wang does not want to do negotiations in the press fine, don't ask what I think on the teams twitter feed via his employees. 

Is this some kind of sign the New York Islanders have finally realized silence is not golden, and more importantly not working?

This blog can give it's views, defending the team when called for if facts are documented (or being critical if documented facts reflect a negative article is true) however ultimately this franchise's media has to start do some of the heavy lifting itself.

New York Islander Fan Central has done above and well beyond it's part because the team has been treated unfairly based on it's counterparts professional media coverage. 

Most other teams have beatwriters who's assignment at the worst of times is to tell the teams story, you think the Columbus Dispatch, Aaron Portzline, who frequently rips the New York Islanders is going to pull the same game on the Columbus Blue Jackets ownership?

That's bad for business. 

Jeremy Rutherford for years in St Louis kept quiet on ownership as the Blues went from one losing season to another.

Jim Matheson is a huge Oilers salesman, despite their last three seasons you see him ripping the owner daily? Not a prayer.

Same in Calgary with Bruce Dowbiggin.

The Denver Post takes their shots at the fans in Colorado but Adrian Dater, Mike Chambers also wave the teams flag. Terry Frei used to rip the Isles like he got a commission for doing so from Denver.

Pat Hickey would get lynched in Montreal if he ripped the Canadians management circus daily, the Gazette would be getting calls daily from the returning Molson corporate ownership. Will be interesting to see if a Red Fischer replacement is guarded in his criticism?

Mitch Albom of the Detroit Free Press is still a huge Amway sponsored Red Wings salesman as you can see in his article 7/9 he waves the pom poms on cue. 

That would be the same Mitch Albom who May 9th 2008 ripped Wings fans for empty seats while claiming Detroit is not Nashville.

Daily News Feb 2012: Filip Bondy emerged from his 1994 hockey hiding place to sell some Rangers.

Larrry Brooks did the same at the time,  & still does his Ranger sales pitches to free agents via his column, even contradicting himself last summer on Brad Richards here & here for the good of the laundry.

Flyers owner, Ed Snider, tells his media salesman, Tim Panaccio, to jump he does what's he's told.

The Leafs have much more competing media for attention, so it's a little tougher up there for one media person to call out the owner or general manager without the others ganging up on them because there is competition to sell the Leafs in a positive light which makes those publications revenue via team access.

Star Tribune: There's a shock the hometown Wild paper completely ignoring owner Craig Leipold's comments in April and praises his spending.

The media in Manhattan may rip the Knicks, however they cover them, and ultimately want them to win, and are very passionate about them.

That's not going to happen with or lose with the New York Islanders. 

My point is the New York Islanders need to take their message to the public via their website writers and like last summer with the referendum they need to pack it with comments from team officials, and Charles Wang, it's not going to happen in a Newspaper owned by another NHL team.

Best professional media salesman are your own people, the truth is on the New York Islanders side.
For those wondering here's my twitter response to Ed Mangano:
It's time you invite Wang, Picker, Legislature, NIFA in a room with you and not come out until a deal is done. That's leadership.
Reggie Jackson got banned from the Yankees? Where's Ranger writer Mike Sielski from the Wall Street Journal to break the news?