7/15 Decision Day For Martin, Wishart, Koskinen

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/11/2012 12:51:00 PM | | | | |
7/15 is the day qualifying offers expire for these players. (along with Sean Backman)

The Islanders retain the rights to these players, they can keep negotiating because they qualified them, however this would mean those players do not simply want the standard raise per CBA which is what a qualifying offer means. 

Matt Martin does not accept his raise by 7/15 it could get interesting or one (perhaps both) sides want a longer term contract.  

Mikko Koskinen played in Europe last season, however he's New York Islander property, and the first goaltender selected in his draft, who's situation is unchanged with four other goaltenders under contract.

It's notable Garth Snow retains Ty Wishart, but never mentions him in discussing defenders who need to make this team, but again Snow offered him a contract/raise with qualifying offer. 

Any player accepts their qualifying offer by 7/15 that means they are signed.