New York Notables/Brett Gallant Returning

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/05/2012 05:56:00 AM |
Frankly there is not much out there that screams the New York Islanders should jump in and make an offer regarding most of the remaining UFA, but everyone knew this was a very weak class.

Ray Whitney/Steve Sullivan both received bonus incentive contracts by Dallas/Phoenix, the kind the Islanders are criticized for?
My thoughts on Parise/Suter both signing for close to a hundred million dollars each is it only cost 130m dollars for the area in full which was publicly financed.

It get's even better, Wild officials a year ago wanted more state money/debt forgiven here.
Wild officials will ask the state to forgive the remaining $36.75 million the team owes on interest-free loans issued to help build Xcel Energy Center  in 2000.
Owner Craig Leipold for a second year claimed the team lost money.  & told the Star Tribune the following in April 
 We’re not making money, and that’s one reason we need to fix our system.
We need to fix how much we’re spending right now. [The Wild's] revenues are fine. We’re down a little bit in attendance, but we’re up in sponsorships, we’re up in TV revenue. And so the revenue that we’re generating is not the issue as much as our expenses. And [the Wild's] biggest expense by far is player salaries.”
In 2011 the former Nashville Predators Owner refused to comment on losses in this interview about his team that went from selling out every game since their return to only twenty five games sold out. 
Bottom line: 
I guess Leipold fixed how much he was spending right now by giving out twenty six years/one hundred ninety six million dollars in one day.

His former customers in Nashville must really love him now.

This is not a sustainable business model for the NHL unless it's subsidized by billionaires willing to take huge financial losses. The players should get every penny they can, but these offers are absurd. 

It's bad for the leauge, for the Devil/Predator fans to not see their home grown talent stay even if Parise leaving the Devils helps the Islanders in terms of competition which is not the point. 

The front-loaded club among teams has grown this summer with Minnesota, Pittsburgh joining, who both got taxpayer funded facilities.

These contracts set the market for others. If Carle who's hardly a scoring defender can get over six million a year, with Suter who's not Chara on defense or Streit on offense receives a hundred million where's the limit?

Donald Fehr is a very happy NHLPA director on this day.
Matt Carle got thirty three milllion from one of his former teams in Tampa Bay for a six year contract after a four goal/thirty eight point  season.
 Journal Pioneer: Has Brett Gallant's comments he's resigned with Bridgeport for 2012-13.