Revisiting Two Entries Targeting Poor Islander Fan Support

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/04/2012 08:38:00 AM |
In late May/Early June 2011, New York Islander Fan Central wrote two very unpleasant entries, it's time to repeat them.

5/31/11 Why Are We Here Now? Blame Yourselves.
6/3/11: The Only Way To Save New York Islanders? Purchase Tickets

There is little I can add to those entries in the last year, Wang absorbed another season 29th in attendance, our fans are not getting the message.

Ultimately people have to fill the seats/support this team or you make it very easy for politicians who do not want this team to remain here any longer to force them out. 

3/14/2012: Total Support For Charles Wang makes clear where this blog stands/why, he's done his part, and a lot more than his predecessors since 1990.

Bottom line the plan to stay home is not working, it did not work starting in 1989 nor does it work today regardless of who owns this franchise.

Kate Murray will get her sixty percent come election day, Mangano will likely get re-elected.  
Nassau Executive Ed Mangano has sent out  invitations for a campaign fundraiser in the Citi Field hospitality suite of Saul Katz, one of the New York Mets owners, for the Mets-Nationals game on July 24.
“Food, Drinks, Autographs, VIP Parking,” the invite says. “$1,000 for 1 ticket, $1,750 for 2…$2500 for 3 tickets…”Checks are to be made payable to Friends of Ed Mangano.

This would be " Pigs At The Trough ", soon to be Nassau County Executive, Tom Gulotta, who extended Smg's lease to 2015 (without review every six years) before he drove Nassau to near bankruptcy with his infamous comments about Howard Milstein, Steve Gluckstern. 

And of course in June 1999 Mort Certilman/other politicians were playing some of the same games, blaming the owners, Steve Jacobson's article closed with "Don't talk of love, show me".

Charles Wang showed us for a long time whether we liked the players or the contracts from Hamrlik to Tavares he spent his money, even fixing/improving a facility he's a tenant in. 

Tom Gulotta 4/26/2000-Thomas Gulotta has said that whoever purchases the team is expected to build a new arena.

What's changed for Nassau?

Our fans need a new approach.