A Time Of Going Through The Motions For New York

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/16/2012 01:09:00 PM |
Until there is a signed CBA, going through the motions hangs over everything this franchise does beyond an agreement for a new arena like all other teams.

It's not impossible Bettman/Fehr could agree to keep playing this season under their summer terms, anything is possible, however not likely based on history given many owners have to be be saved from themselves once again in current market. 

No interest in sourced based rumors regarding the CBA. When Bettman, Fehr, Daly tell us specific agreed to terms, we can discuss it here, not before.

Do not expect a signed CBA by 9/15 or a full season so forget NHL preseason games anywhere. 

Going Through the Motions Of Preparing 2012-13 Season:
Some things the Isles do or fail to do will have later consequences, many depend on what their roster players decide to do.  Historically the New York Islanders came out of two lockouts painfully unprepared, and iced poor teams in shortened seasons. Bridgeport will have to hire a coach unless they promote from within because the AHL will not have a lockout, this means some potential Islanders in Cizikas, Ullstrom, deHaan, Donovan, Ness,  or others will have to report/play.

Will Joensuu take an AHL contract with Bridgeport or stay in Europe during a lockout with his one way deal? 

For now Lubomir Visnovsky is deciding what to do with his KHL offer, he may wait until September 15th or simply decide to report to a KHL camp in August. Visnovsky can owe the Islanders a year for the rest of his professional career if he decides to play overseas.

Or this year may count, and he becomes an UFA with Mark Streit. 

Many NHL fringe players well elect a guaranteed income now, some players under contract to NHL teams will eventually go. For Rick DiPietro a lockout gives him a chance to go play somewhere, work off the rust, and see if he can be durable.

Looking ahead given the current roster/available player market it seems best to have open spots for the right player.

In short, unless Garth Snow finds a trade/signing that makes sense which improves his roster for several years he should be in no rush.

History says players like Boyes, Carkner, Boulton play to their recent career trends which usually means a mixed bag at best. Boyes talked about how much the Islanders players like working for Jack Capuano, which is going through the motions because if he does not produce, it means nothing. 

If he puts up Parenteau's numbers, the team losses, and he wants a contract like Parenteau why are the Isles going to offer that to him?

Going Through The Motions On Arena Plan:
Unless Charles Wang has a real deadline in mind regarding construction of a new arena, as Howie Rose of all people said on Friday, a deal could happen in June 2014, and the Isles will remain at the Coliseum during construction past the terms of it's lease.

That's how it played out in Pittsburgh, who had no arena agreement months before their lease expired, it may well play out that way under a different county executive, different legislature, or even a different Islander owner by that time.

Moving forward most of the commentary will be on Sulia, it's a quiet time for longer blog entries which is more going through the motions.
In real business Matt Martin/Ty Wishart did not accept their qualifying offers. I asked the Isles twitter feed about Koskinen/Backman also before they posted this. This would also extend to Tomas Marcinko who has indicated he wishes to sign in Europe, but unlike qualified players like Katic, Rakhshani ect had not signed with a team yet.

Backman accepted his qualifying offer so he is officially signed.
Koskinen is remaining with his Nov 2011 team for 2012-13 in Kalpa per website release.
Marcinko rejected his QO per Michael Fornabaio.

Islanders retain NHL rights to all players.