Only Thing That Matters Is What Wang, Mangano, Nassau Have Said & Done

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/12/2012 12:47:00 PM |
In the end only the record of what these people have said, and done matters, along with documented facts of the binding agreements back to 1972 of what we know.  

Ed Mangano/Democrats can agree last summer's referendum means no tax increases will be used to replace Nassau County's facility.  Agree or not, we know where Jay Jacobs stood last summer, we know now.

We know what Charles Wang was willing to sign a thirty year lease agreement for last summer with a rent/revenue split.  Long ago we knew Wang-Rechler were willing to renovate the Coliseum with a ten year lease extension during the Lighthouse project.

We all also know last summer's agreement gave Wang no real estate rights on that property, nor was he going to construct a new Coliseum.

Kate Murray released what TOH would agree to in terms of flexible development.

Wang said " probably not " 17:00-40  when pressed if he would pay for a new Coliseum during his WFAN interview last summer.

Dolan owned News 12- 7/27/2011: "The Big Vote " Debate is still available from last summer with Mangano, Wang, comments along with players, Legislator Wayne Wink, Mark Hamer ABLI. (slow loading)

Michael Picker made clear a renovation would not work and cited having to raise the roof, despite a renovation under the Wang-Rechler project.

NYIFC again posted the terms of the Smg lease/sublease the other day that specifically binds the Islanders to the Coliseum along with it's sublease.

Included later that day was the new lease in Bridgeport with President Howard Saffan's own comments on the arena being profitable, plus the Sound Tigers will honor their lease until 2021.

Last Month this blog again released the Feb 2009 transcript of Charles Wang's extensive interview on the Lighthouse and the Islanders.

In April NYIFC did a tweleve year summary of Wang's comments where it's a lie he purchasd the club for real estate where he makes clear he would like to make some money.

Obviously anyone who reads this blog regularly knows Charles Wang owns the Marriott, unless he can find a buyer it's his beyond the terms of his NHL lease so that gives him one financial reason to keep the team there.

It was reported Scott Rechler was bought out of his share of the hotel in 2010. 

We have Charles Wang long ago sitting front row (with former team President, Chris Dey/Garth Snow) cheering every play of the Dragons playoff game in Philadelphia.

Four days later he sold the team, so we all know what he will ultimately do if an agreement is not possible. 

We know what was said in Feb 2012 because Michael Picker unexpectedly went to the legislature and said " 2/14 Islanders want to stay at Coliseum, Nothing's Changed "

There is a two decade record from Tom Gulotta, to Joe Mondello, to Mort Certilman, Judy Jacobs, Tom Suozzi, along with previous owners with their comments. 

Bottom line there is a documented record to follow.

That is where everyone's focus should be, anything else is a waste of your important time.