What's Ahead For New York?

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/26/2012 03:03:00 AM |
Anything can happen as this weeks events have proven, it may have already happened a month ago. 

Unless Lubomir Visnovsky decides to tell his hometown media he's reporting to the Isles, but will still have his arbitration hearing anyway, that may drag all the way past the CBA expiration date.

Garth Snow is not going to speak about an arbitration between a player, and another NHL team. If you are looking for comment from a team it would have to come from Bob Murray in Anaheim, who may not even want to be bothered with an arbitration hearing, simply agreeing to take back Visnovsky, or moving him to a team on his list.  

Having written that the mediocre group of UFA's are still out there, all of them carry age/salary, health or production questions.  Moving forward another offer sheet could happen, history suggests (even now) that offer sheets are matched.  No doubt someone has to trade for Roberto Luongo because Vancouver does not wish to pay him while Anaheim can tell Bobby Ryan keep quiet or stay home/play in the KHL for the next three years.

Teams that do not front-load or pay over 35 contracts will not be signing anyone in this mediocre group unless it's someone who takes a significant discount with the NHLPA watching.

The prospects here may be better alternatives than  some of what's available on the market, they could be better than Boyes, Carkner, Boulton or it could go the other way.

Matt Carkner was scratched twenty games in Ottawa last year when he was healthy. 

Bridgeport filling out it's depth chart with no ECHL affiliate is notable, and worth following which now includes Nathan McIver. 

I do not see a great deal of significant player movement until there is a CBA agreement, only Charles Wang/Garth Snow how that plays out with any deadline for Matt Martin.

Yes if Adam Larsson can play in the NHL as a fourth overall pick, Calvin deHaan should, so could Matt Donovan, Aaron Ness, Ty Wishart.

That also includes fourth overall pick, Griffin Reinhart.

If prospects Troy Mattila/Corey Trivino have graduated their deadline to sign is August 15th. 

Reality is come 9/15 there is a reasonable chance the NHL will lockout the players again. NHL players (some sooner because of limited employment) may have to pick a league/team in Europe.