Visnovsky's 7/24 Interview, Possible Sept Hearing, Details

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/24/2012 05:07:00 AM | : Posted another long interview with Lubomir Visnovsky, many repeat comments  but some new details. 

Among Quoted Comments/Rough Translation:
* Hearing could take place in September, but wants it earlier. 
* Is informed by mail on CBA negotiations.
* Could decide to play for Islanders.
* This is about principal, not Islanders. 
* Appreciates the Isles interest, would be disappointed if he hurt them. 
* Would like to have Satan here. 
* Snow discussed signing him to an extension now, but would want to wait until end of season, speak with family, also health could be issue.
* Snow discussed him/Streit could make seventh best pp, first. 
* Feels if Kings could win Stanley Cup why not Islanders because he's a positive person.
* Could decide if no CBA settlement after first two months to have his final contract year voided.

Everyone can read/translate for themselves, this is a 7/24 update posted at 9am.