New York Islander Fan Central Will Remain On-Line Through Oct 2013

New York Islander Fan Central | 9/08/2012 12:22:00 AM |
The decision has been made to continue making New York Islander Fan Central viewable for it's readers through 10/10/2013, along with the non-domain

It was not an easy decision for many professional/personal reasons.

Just to give folks an idea of how outdated Google/blogger is with domain renewal the receipt the last two years read the blog was renewed through 2010.

It's kind of like the Professional Hockey Writers Association website in how outdated it functions.
Blogger has undergone some recent changes (not happy with) since our summer redesign (thrilled with) that frankly make this site less workable at times. (other blogs have same issue)

No, despite the free Wordpress no frills generic page for this site created recently, this is the home page for New York Islander Fan Central.

Also for those few who stumbled on a 2010 created but never used Facebook page for this NYI Fan Central site, it's been permanently deleted.

The thought behind that at the time was to simply make it an extension of entries here that went to a feeder/rss/atom that automatically updated. I noticed some e-mails of a few who wanted to join recently and finally remembered the username/password to delete the page.

Sorry if that inconvenienced anyone.
In the early years 2007-08 era, I contacted Google asking why if so many fan blogs were included in their news feed why not New York Islander Fan Central?

Never something I really cared/thought much about since.
In the last few weeks, I was contacted by a Google rep out of nowhere who was very courteous, their rep wanted to make this site part of their news feed for New York Islanders as a leading source. My initial response was positive, I explained the internal issue above (page loading/layout buttons) which the rep offered to forward.

On 9/6, I found this blog in their news section doing a Islander news search. My reaction seeing this place listed with so many other fan sites changed how I thought about this subject in 2007-08 given what's included as a substitute for professional news today.

New York Islander Fan Central is not a news source, not a professional media site.

It does not belong in a news search of professional media outlets but obviously Google burned that bridge long ago with regard to NHL hockey even though this site only uses professional news outlets, regardless it requires more work to find them.

As for this place the only thing that can be done here is do what's been the rule since day one.

Show professionalism in how content is presented to visitors.
The policy for several years is this has been a no advertising site, that's how it will remain. It has always been a non-profit blog.
As to future content/entries/twitter/sulia/whatever, I can only promise what I always do, that every update could be the last which is not trying to be arrogant, simply honest.

Every year this blog promises less, but does much more so folks are not disappointed, there are enough past entries entries on this.

The reality is at this time I simply have no desire to blog or twitter after every game any longer regardless of the scoreboard or if the Isles go 82-0/16-0 to win the Stanley Cup or go 0-82.

After twelve years between Islanders-Sound Tigers pre 2000-2006/New York Islander Fan Central 2007-present, I simply find many subjects repetitive, stale, or boring, even if what happens is new/needs to be written about.

I could change names/dates, leave the content, same thing.

Something that motivates me to write like recently researching thirty owners/one day was fun to write about here. I feel it's important to write about things when they are not fair or even for every team.

As always, I simply wished to let folks know where I stand which has never been CBA related/arena related or standings related.

Never has been or will be.

Bottom line New York Islander Fan Central will be viewable to everyone until at least 10/10/2013 with over twelve years of updates in one forum or another.

Thank You Very Much.