Visnovsky Arbitration Updates/Comments 9/5-9/6

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Updated 9/6 5am.
Visnovsky says if he wins his arbitration he would support remaining in Anaheim if circumstances are right. Has Lubomir Visnovsky's comments on his hearing/future with video. (rough translation)

"I waited by the phone at home, or do not call me. Was silent. Phoned me only agent who claimed that it looks promising. Apparently the 51% I'll win. To appease me (laughs). As it turned out, I have to know in September 15 I'm a little nervous. More than a decision in this matter but I am wondering if the lockout overseas. every indication that the NHL will not start on time. least a week or two, maybe a month it will probably stretch. remains to be seen what will then be a party yet still allow. "

If Visnovsky with your complaint to arbitration succeeds, he can not imagine a return to the Ducks team.

"I'm thinking that I should remain in anahata live because there is beautiful. Whether you would like to play for the Ducks, depends mainly on the attitude of general manager and coach. I need to feel confident. They want me at the club."

NYIFC Comments:
In this article Visnovsky made clear enough if he wins, he is simply not going to report to the Islanders on principal.
************************************************ Islanders captain, Mark Streit, discusses his plans if a lockout, and makes clear as an UFA next summer wants to sign with a playoff team.
In the extremely odd department, the laughingstock NY Post (which does not cover New York Islander Hockey) had a blog entry with comments from Lubomir Visnovsky's agent, Neil Sheehy  9/5 with details of the arbitration, hearing processs with a decision likely announced before the cba expires on 9/15 which is in the hands of George Nicolau.

 “The argument from both sides is the same,” Visnovsky’s agent, Neil Sheehy, told The Post on Wednesday. “The argument from the league was that the CBA is very clear, and the case for the NHLPA is that the CBA is very clear.”

“To me, it’s really 50/50,” said Sheehy, who was a witness at the hearing. “It’s something that has to be interpreted.”

Even more comical the Post turned that 9/5 blog entry into a 9/6 article.
NYIFC Comments:
Of course the only important news is Visnovsky obviously was not seriously injured recently which would have made for a very interesting/different hearing if he sustained a career ending injury.

Obviously Ducks gm, Bob Murray, put up an argument for the trade when he simply could have given in, and taken back the player.

One way or another this will finally be resolved soon. Only Visnovsky know's what he will ultimately do, it's not like he was forced to put on an Islander jersey and go workout.

It seems since the draft when Snow spoke with the Post,  Brett Cyrgalis, has been allowed at very odd times to come up with updates, even rebutting the Columbus Dispatch on draft day trade rumors.

It's not like Cyrgalis informed the public on the day of the hearing.

In The Comedy Department:
Dolan's assigned Islander beatwriter, Arthur Staple, apparently was too busy with vacation (after a summer off) to bother with an update at Cablevision's newspaper nor did sports editor, Hank Winnicki, bother assigning a writer to the story, but a new Mets beatwriter was announced here.

The Newsday staff (not Randi Marshall)  was too busy very carefully wording the departure release of the third Msg President in nine years, where most of the other papers were not shy bringing up James Dolan. 

Isles failed former media relations coordinator (not shy about keeping people updated about former Isles President, Chris Dey's resume) of course did not go near it.

He only supposedly writes about sports business now? 

NYIFC Comments:
Of course if Pat Hickey wants to replace Red Fisher and keep corporate owner Molson happy with his work (advertising dollar relationship with the Gazette) what he cannot do is write Montreal is a franchise that has not front-loaded contracts along with Toronto under Brian Burke.

Therefore they have had about the same success in UFA as the New York Islanders, and many other clubs that have not front-loaded. 

Cannot be because they play at the horrid Montreal Forum any longer.